This is quoted from the M109 board Lamont also owns/runs. Lamont posted this on that baord, BUT IT PERTAINS HERE AS WELL

There's been a lot of spamming of our boards in the past few months. Not just from vendors but those who are trying to use our board to promote and build other 109 sites so they can do backdoor selling of their products. Not only is this not cool but it won't be tolerated.

If you spam our boards with links to other competing vendors or 109 sites your account will be disabled and may be deleted along with any post you made in the past. I hate to be this way but I've worked too hard to let a few folks try and tear down what we have here. If you want to sell parts or start a club do it like we did from the ground up and put the time and money into promoting your site like we did but don't do it off of the back of M109Riders.

If this site is too clean for you then find one more to your liking and stay there. It's a big internet and room for many different sites. This one happens to be work safe and family friendly and will remain that way as long as I'm running it.

If you have any questions my number is in my sig.
said in the post quoted above (which can be found at the top of the M109 General Forum)...pertains on here on this board. This is a free country. Others are more than welcome to start their own Rune board. Others are more than welcome to go there and participate on it. But there will be no competing posts or links listed here promoting OTHER boards that are in direct competition with our sponsor, our board, our membership, etc. Anyone posting obvious links or information promoting any other Rune board competition with this one or its sponsors...will have the post DELETED (at the discretion of the Admin here)...and asked not to repeat that behavior. If the behavior persists, they will be unfortunately removed from this board (at the discretion of Admin). Again, RE-READ THE QUOTE ABOVE....EVERYTHING IT SAYS is relevant here.....

The number referenced above for questions or comments about this policy ...or other questions relevant to the 423-465-8099 (that's Lamont's number).