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Thread: Trouble typing a reply to a PM...

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    Default Trouble typing a reply to a PM...

    Question for anyone concerning replying to a PM...

    Why is it that when I try to reply to a PM, I can't seem to be able to get a cursor to appear in order to start the answer.
    I don't have any problem with typing in a post or like this starting a new post... It appears to be only in replying to a PM.
    Even if I try typing without seeing a cursor, my keystrokes do not appear on the screen.
    After typing this post, I went back to the PM section and tried again and amazingly it worked... That was not the first time this has happened...

    Hey Tim or Admins, what gives with the above failure...?
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    99% likely it's on your end....and Browser issue. If i don't hear that ANYONE else has this issue, it's on your end. Sometimes I see quirky things just like that on my end too. And I know, it's just me....and something going on with my in browser.

    the other 1% of the time it is indeed an issue with the website. But again, no one else has mentioned it's a browser thing on your end. Try a different browser, reboot, etc, etc. on the map to see details on what areas of the globe have visited my profile

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