Remember this Rune key holder?
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Thread: Remember this Rune key holder?

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    Default Remember this Rune key holder?

    I was getting my keys to one of my toolboxes while the cleaning lady was here just now....and she said "isn't that your Rune motorcycle?" when looking at the metal key holder hung on the wall. Yep, that's what it is. I had this made SOOOO long ago, I don't even remember who made them? But it is pretty cool. It's made out of a pretty heavy metal gauge....and mounts to the wall to hold keys. Most of the keys on it are motorcycle keys...with just 3 exceptions on the far right (Dodge Charger and four big stacked tool box keys).

    I probably posted a picture of this.....................over a decade ago?

    Figured it was about time to post again for some more memories for another decade or so.......

    EDIT the post below reminded me of how I think I REALLY got this. I don't think I had it made.....I'm thinking it was gifted to me as the post below mentions? I honestly can't remember for sure....but....that post...has jogged my memory and makes me think it was gifted to me? I JUST....CAN'T ....REMEMBER! Now I know I am getting old....................... And now I just looked at the other pictures AGAIN....and.....paying attention to detail....they look alot different than the one I got. Oh HECK, I just can't remember how I got this. Might have bought it. Might have been sent to me. It's SOOOO long ago........I just can't remember. Sorry....................
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    Made an old fashioned key to hang our keys on, got tired of misplacing them. This is the 800 lb. chair and table I made to relax while in the garage.
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    mine is still in use daily ... it's where all my farm keys hang (except when they're in a pocket). My vague recollection (heck, it's been more than a decade) was getting it from a Rune Rider member selling them on eBay ... got Rune mugs and coasters at the same time.
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