I come back from St Louis...and i find myself inundated with requests to remove folks from the board...people complaining about folks....their attacks....their .....it goes on and on.

So here's the scoop:

1. Bashing others, attacking others, any behavior deemed uncivil, will not be tolerated here. This board is for exchanging information about the Rune...not bashing or attacking others. Good natured banter is fine....but verbal insults, trashing other people's beliefs....etc, etc....is NOT OK. If i find you doing it here, I'll take whatever action i deem appropriate....to include IF NECCESSARY, removal from the board.

2. I'm not a baby sitter. i don't get paid to do this (nor does Asacuta or Runeloon or Jakesboss or Rune005). My time, just like yours, is valuable. If i or my moderators determine a post needs to be deleted, corrected, locked down....etc....we'll do so at our disgression. we MAY OR MAY NOT give explanation...as our time and efforts may warrant. Regardless, we'll just take the action we deem appropriate and move on. Do us all a favor, don't make us have to do that! A good rule of thumb, don't say anything to a person on a board, you wouldn't say to them face to face. Remember, some folks on the board could actually be bigger than you are .....and .....well.....when you do finally meet them face to face.......you get the picture

3. the decisons of the management of this board are FINAL. you don't have to aggree with our rules or decisons, you don't have to like them....but....WHILE ON THIS BOARD, you DO have to live by them. If you can't, you know where the 'door' is. Or, IF NEEDED, we can show you that door.

sorry to sound harsh, but i don't have time for this. none of us do. Some folks seem to like to push the envelope. SOME...push over and over and over. IF YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE, you've been duly warned now.