It is with great DISPLEASURE....that i have to announce starting IMMEDIATELY, i have implemented an INFRACTION process. Actually, it has ALWAYS existed on the board, i just never saw a need to implement. Times change.......

here is how the system works:

1. If YOU...the general population...feel there is a post that merits being LOOKED AT FOR POSSIBLE CITATION (by Moderators/Admin) as an INFRACTION, you would click on the icon in the bottom left corner of the post. This will send Admin an email notice ....listing the post in question...along with YOUR DESCRIPTION of what YOU THINK...the possible issue(s) with the post MIGHT be. USE THIS CAREFULLY. If i start getting tons of complaints about posts....that look more like a witch hunt than real issues, I might be forced to take some OTHER action to alleviate the situation. PLEASE....only send me a notice if you REALLY feel it is absolutely warranted.

2. ALSO....we, the ADMIN AND MODERATORS....may IMMEDIATELY issue an INFRACTION notice (we have another icon that lets us do that, YOU NOT have that icon/button...with good reason!). So if WE, in our minds, find a post violatates a rule on the board, we may directly issue an INFRACTION notice.

3. Upon receiving a report from YOU (when you clicked on the icon noted above), WE...ADMIN/MODERATORS will look at the post you have reported and DECIDE....WHETHER OR NOT...the post warrants an INFRACTION notification. WE MAY, decide no action is warranted. Again, WE...will use this process carefully and with due diligence. We do NOT, want this board to be overly censored. BUT WE DO...expect and want...folks to adhere to good board rules of etiquette and be civil to their fellow Rune brothers and sisters!

4. UPON RECEIVING AN INFRACTION: ONLY....the ADMIN/MODERATORS and the person getting the infraction notice....will know. There is NO other others...of the infraction.

5. The person RECEIVING the infraction will: Get a PM stating the notice of the infraction, the nature of the offense, the details, who issued the infraction, how many points it is worth, etc. IN ADDTION to the PM, the actual post that received the infraction...will have a RED BLOCK in the far right bottom corner of the post . By clicking on this red square/ can see the details of the infraction. AGAIN, ONLY ADMIN...MODERATORS...and the actual "offender" can see this info/notification. our intention is NOT to brand folks. Our for live by the rules of the board and be civil...

6. The ADMIN/MODERATOR who gives you the infraction, can determine whether to give you JUST a warning...or...whether it is severe enough (or perhaps a repeat of something more minor?)...that points are also accessed for the infraction. Typically, ONE POINT...will be accessed.

7. The board software tracks these points/infractions. I have added a "new group"...where IF someone were to accumulate 10 points in infractions, they would AUTOMATICALLY be moved into that group. that group, has DIMINISHED board privileges (think ....can't post....etc.). I may tweek that group and make the "penaltiies" more or less severe...depending on how things develop on the board in the future? but for now, the threshold is 10 points (that too CAN be changed...higher or lower)...and the punishment for reaching that threshold is a restriction in board privileges. IF NEEDED, we can/could add other even HIGHER point accumulations, repeat offenders, etc. The restrictions could range anywhere from almost PERMANENT banning. i would hope, IT NEVER comes to that........

8.The areas...for now....that we are looking at (AND THIS COULD CHANGE...we may add some, remove one or time goes by):

-Inappropriate pictures posted
-Inappropriate avatar
-Violaton of signature rules (too big of pictures, inpproptiate material, advertising, etc.)
-Insulting other member(s)
-Inappropriate language
-Inappropriate behavior in general

9. Points can be reversed, deleted, the discretion of ADMIN. There is a timeline on how long a particular infraction points are tracked, but for now, i'm NOT going to post that timeline. Also, FOR NOW...any restrictions (like can not post), are TEMPORARY. of course, repeat offenders and more severe infractions MAY be put into another category, with longer time periods on restrictions (or even outright banning).

10. THE DECISIONS OF ADMIN...are final. I will not debate or argue my intentions on this public or private...on why a post was given an infraction. THE RULES...ARE HERE...for all to read and heed..............

i really hate doing stuff like this. But...the overwhelming number of complaints lately (PLEASE, NO MORE..........) made me HAVE to take action. I have a job...a life too........and i just don't have time to babysit......