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  1. General Message Board
    Hi! Looking for a lift stand, that fits the Valkyrie Rune motor and allows for easy movement of the bike around the garage. Any tips are appreciated! :) Thanks, Robin
  2. RuneRiders Swap Meet
    I'm moving to Europe soon and it's too much hassle to try to import the bike to the EU, so I've decided to sell. Reasonable offers welcome. Details and pics here: "She's a big, gorgeous girl, and damn she dances so...
  3. RuneRiders Swap Meet
    Hello all! My name is Jeff, and live in Fresno, CA. My father wants to sell his 2004 Honda Rune NRX1800DB. I believe it has just over 8K miles. Everything (parts, color, specs) are the same as the bike was when first rolled out of the factory. Completely stock. VIN #: 1HFSC53494A000001 (see...
  4. RuneRiders Swap Meet
    I have come to the realization that I have too many toys in the stable. Being that the Rune is the only toy that doesn't accomodate taking my faithful wife along for the ride, I have decided to put her on the block. I purchased this Rune in April of 2008 brand new out of the crate from a...
  5. RuneRiders Swap Meet
    2004 Rune for sale $17,900, 17,600 mi 2004 HONDA VALKRYIE RUNE NRX1800, Added new Corvette Z06, now too many unused toys, sold my Gold Wing last spring and now the Rune must go, CUSTOM CORBIN AND EXTRA STOCK SEAT, CORBIN AND EXTRA WIND VEST WINDSHIELD, CORBIN BACKREST WITH LEATHER BAG, CANDY...
  6. RuneRiders Swap Meet
    Hey everyone, I have a 2005 Rune for sale. Only 1,709 miles. Blue/Purple in color. PM for pics. $23,000. Thanks!
  7. RuneRiders Swap Meet
    I can't give away new chrome for an '04 Rune?!? They don't get any cheaper than this guys: Left Front Cover: $100 Left Valve Cover: $110 Right Exhaust Cover: $160 Make an offer, you can call me since I don't get on the internet daily. Steve 714-400-5031 714-871-1677
1-7 of 10 Results