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Too hot to put on the new roof, I start at 0500 (first light) and by 0830 it's just too hot. So, time to detail the toys in the cool of the shop.

Been detailing the Rune, found the throttle cables were a bit discolored, so I inspected them closer and found that along with being discolored they had become sticky or tacky to the touch. This is something that does happen as the coating ages. I figured I would just order a spare set for the day I needed to replacement them after they got too bad. Like other Rune items: THROTTLE CABLE: Currently Unavailable............. So, the fix. Clean/polish them with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, finish off with a mircofiber towel, takes only a few minutes and looks great. The small bit of discoloration I had is gone and so is the tacky/stickiness.

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