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05 Rune Gone From Honda's Web Sight

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Hi All, I just got off Honda's web sight, and found that when you went to the 05 models link and after scrolling down to the bottom of the page where last week they had the Rune listed as an 05 model update coming soon, they are now showing the updated models with pics but the Rune info has been removed completly. Very interesting!!!
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Doesn't surprise me

Yep, I knew there wouldn't be any 05 Runes. In fact I posted my position yesterday.
Yeah, whoever did the web page probably just typed out the list of the bikes that weren't implicitly updated in the '05 preview and probably thought it was ok to just list them out.

I'm sure Honda farms out the work to a 3rd party for the website.
yea.....they have that 'new Rune site'.....but all it has is the same old Rune info...same options...same colors....same price....even says "04 model" on the info.

ELP JC...the plot thickens again. The Fat Lady still hasn't sung. It looks like it might be like i said after all. You can STILL get an 04 the same colors....the same bike....but NO 05 new new options.

I still aint lost that bet yet....................not yet....
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