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150 MPH Rune

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Has anyone seen 150 mph on their Rune. I have a problem with top speed cut out, Before I went to the dealer for service it went 150 MPH
Got it back Now top speed is 130 MPH.
Please let me know..I think it was module swap. SER# 160 YR 04
[email protected] 0r Little Jon Phone 303-278-6294.
Thanks LJ

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There's no way in hell a stock rune can go 150 mph (100 hp, 900-lbs, no bodywork, 150 series front tire, huge frontal area. Do the math).
First of all, it's mechanically impossible because the Rune is geared the same or lower than the wing, and the wing is redline limited to 135 or so, and that's INDICATED (get your speed reading in 5th at exactly 3K rpm, and multiply times 2, since redline is 6K).
Furthermore, the wing runs out of steam well before that theroretical top-speed, due to aerodynamic drag. My wing topped out at 123 mph (at 5,500 rpm), with windshield in low, only my 160-lb body tucked in, and on an ideal cold morning. I live at 4K of altitude however, so it should be a little higher at sea level. Rune's top-speed should be close to the Wing's.

Since Runes have no tach, it's hard to know the exact gearing is has, but it should have a top speed capability of 130 or so. And again, that's INDICATED. Honda is overly optimistic with its speedometers, just like most manufacturers.

In order to reach 150 mph on a Rune, besides gear changes, you'd need forced induction (turbo or supercharger), and in a high state of tune due to the tremendous drag such a naked monster creates. My guess is more than 150 hp at the wheel; it has about 100 stock.

Now to the real question: Who needs a top-speed of 150 mph in a 900-lb, stretched-out cruiser? It's not designed for speed. With that radical steering geometry would be downright scary. There's nothing wrong with a need for speed; just choose the right vehicle.

If your speedo read 150 before, you have a bad unit. Or the sun was shining on it and you read it wrong. I bet nobody here bought a Rune for its top speed; it's a cruiser. It needed to beat Harleys (for your big egos <ha ha> ), and it does for the most part; just don't race a V-Rod. Finally, while still in the subject, the V-Rod has a top-speed of 130, but it's much lighter and powerful. Where the Rune (and my K bike) excel is in real life riding, due to their superior torque. Downshifting is purely optional. But lighter more powerful machines will kick our a$$es all day long ridden by competent riders. I used to have a Hayabusa, but got tired of the thing in no time. Rather have my 150-mph K over the 186-mph busa any day of the week. Same with the Rune over anything else.
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That was good info,and true..Smart guy for sure.. 8)
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