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2005 Rune at Auction @ BAT

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FWIW, Just a heads up to whomever may be looking for a Rune. I'm not the seller but saw this on the "Bring a Trailer" auction site. It's a 2005 with ~16k on the clock located in Marietta GA-- Lot#98262. The current bid is at $12750 and the auction closes in two days on Sunday 12 Feb. I couldn't believe my eyes as the camera moved around the bike and in the background, five or six more Runes appeared in the shop as well as several other bikes etc. Hope this helps, happy hunting.
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I inquired about this bike when i was looking last year. They said it sat for quite a while and would need the fuel system gone through. It did not presently run. Never gave me a clear answer on how the inside of the tank looked. Just said it sat in a collection and will need some work
" Guess that's why the video doesn't have the bike running. If that is the case, I would think the listing would/should start by stating it's a non-running Rune-maybe I missed that part? Again, if that is the case, the bike is already overpriced-IMO. It will cost to get it running and fix the other items. It's too bad, being an IB 05 Rune, not many fit that description."
Maybe they invested in getting it running. When I called last November, they had 3 or 4 Runes. Only one I believe ran iirc. Glad they were up front with me before I made the 4hr trip to look at them.
"Video being only 3 weeks old, I would think if it ran, they would highlight that, and how it sounds with the exhaust drilled as they are, along with someone looking to buy it would ask to hear it run."
I would agree...
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