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2005 Rune on Honda Website

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Honda's website shows model updates coming soon.....2005 Valkyrie Rune, info on the new VTX and Gold Wing.... ... index.html

That's real details at this time :(
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ahhh....yes....we wait yet longer, to find out if the '05' rune will be just the same old 04....or something new, as some are wishing for. And the wait....continues.

Typical Honda :lol:

But i got mine...both of em'. So no waiting here!

on several other boards they are already debating whether Honda meant you could still get a 'new' 04....or whether there will actually be some 'new' 05...with something different about it?

you would THINK...with them saying on their page 'mysteriously' that
"model updates would be coming soon"....and having the Rune listed under that would THINK they would have to change something....color....something? Or will they.............

We still don't know. this is just too funny....and too Honda. The Honda site still lists Rune as only an 04 and in the red, black and blue colors. But MAYBE....MAYBE this will all change?

Or won't. JC and the suspense killing you guys yet? Honda might very well string you along for several more months :wink: But you can still get one of the MANY left over RUnes at the if you waited this long...what's several more months????

I think i'll go ride mine tomorrow :twisted:
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Wow. 30th Anniv. GW has special BADGES on it! WOW! :?

You would have thought they would at least give you some freebie accessories for a $500 increase in price.
Maybe Rune will have a 2nd anniversary badge &price incr

What were the dealers told?
Hi Guy's, yes Honda is doing it to some of us again,with keeping some of us waiting & wondering what they will do. As previously mentioned I think I will get my Rune cleaned up for this weekends ride & enjoy the coolist looking Honda on the road thus far. I think with the Rune being so futuristic in the way it looks that I will still be ahead of the other customs that come out for at least the next five years or so. I must say that I think they are going in the right direction with there new VTX 1800F if I didn't already have one I think I would go buy one. So far for 05 models the VTX 1800f is the best thing that I have seen, but we will have to see what Honda is going to do about the Rune.
Just got back from the dealer show and all they would tell me is there is a 05 Rune. There wasn't any Rune's at the show at all that I could see so you can speculate why from there. ;)
my guess is they'll offer the same bike...but one or two new colors and call it an 05. But who knows. there was also a RUMOR going around they would maybe offer a modified Rune without all the front end know, a more standard front end. Supposedly that version would cost much the front end has some cost in it. That was a rumor anyway.

Guess those guys waiting for that 05 model are still waiting. Now you have to wonder when Honda will tell anymore about this supposed 05 model 8)

But then some of us played this LONGGGGG waiting game with Honda when we waited for the first words about our Runes a few years ago. Glad i'm not having to wait them out again. Lamont knows, i can be pretty impatient :wink:

I'm happy with my bikes regardless of what/if Honda does in the future.

Now if they ever come out with a radical new Valk...or some kind of MONSTER Boss Hoss equivalent....i might have to jump on that! but that ...if it EVER happened...will probably be years away. Thank goodness, i'm putting my daughter through college now :shock:
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Hey Redvalk, first order of business buddy: Please read aloud:

And no ifs, buts, or 'you'll have to wait longer'; be a good loser :p . YOU WERE WRONG. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Okay, I feel good now <he he>.

Next. A 'lower' model also makes sense if Honda just wants the money, which is my suspicion (and my prediciton) behind the silence (we'll find out soon enough, but sincerely hope that's NOT the case). They will wait a while for dealers to try to unload the many '04s left before dropping the hammer :shock: . I also expect the 'normal' Rune to return unchanged other than maybe different colors, but I bet dealers won't stock them now.

Finally, hope black stays, or I'll have to buy an '04 after all :oops: .

Hey Hal (or Honda insiders), keep us posted. Have a great weekend guys.
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ehhh.....let's see....just checked the Honda site....STILL NOTHING on any details of a new Rune. Nope, i'm still watching this. Honda could keep saying something is 'coming' for a year. until i see something.....the fat lady aint sung yet.

All we have is yet more promises. It's looking like maybe ....IN THE END....MAYBE you'll have been right???? I'm still thinking IF...IF they even have an 05, they'll just offer the SAME bike in one or two different colors. But even that STILL doesn't make sense. Lots of 04s out there sitting in show rooms with no buyers.

I've got to see a bike with 05 on the title to concede. So far, nothing. You'll get your 'confession' from me when i see that. But knowing Honda....they could leave that 'model updates coming' notice on the board for MONTHS....with no real new model.

Bottom could wait until next summer before you see anything. And then, it could be some sickly that green VTX they came out with in 03. And worse, by then, MAYBE all the 04s (in reasonable colors) could be gone? Then....really....who would be the 'winner' then? Those of us who had our bikes...enjoyed them...and got colors we wanted? Or those who waited for an enternity for an 05 with some 'change'...only to be offered the same a sickly color (and probably the same price)? It could happen.

I'll let you know when i think you're right....i'll say it right here. For now, we still know just about nothing about any 'new' Runes. And we know some of us have THE BIKE....and are enjoying it daily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no matter what happens, those of us with the bike are winners!!!!!! And i've got two of em'..........
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I always thought the Rune would look pretty good in yellow, or maybe a candy orange.
Well RuneSpyder, Man paint yours one of those colors, make it even more unique!
The site says 05 but

when you go to the Rune you can only build an 04. I think its just hype, an 04 in 05 color, which to me seems to be the same colors (red, black and blue). I'm sticking to my position no new Runes in 05 just old 04's.
repeating from another post what i said....

yea.....they have that 'new Rune site'.....but all it has is the same old Rune info...same options...same colors....same price....even says "04 model" on the info.

ELP JC...the plot thickens again. The Fat Lady still hasn't sung. It looks like it might be like i said after all. You can STILL get an 04 the same colors....the same bike....but NO 05 new new options.

I still aint lost that bet yet....................not yet....
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