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2006 Rune redesign?

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Here is an article that purports to have information that 2005 is the last year for the Rune, and that it will morph into something new in 2006: ... -Honda.htm

More fuel for the fire. Does anyone know if this "intelligence" is intelligent?

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that's an old article. We already blasted that article months ago. i've said before....and NOW IT'S PROVEN (this one's for you ELP JC)....there is no new 2005. There was a bunch of hype...but in the end, i was right. There are NO NEW 2005 models of the Rune...or the Valk. Yep, you can still get the 'old' 2004 the old colors. But no 05 (check out the Honda site, the NEW Rune site clearly lists the only thing available is the OLD 04) new new new anything.

And NO....NO ONE....but Honda and God themselves know if there will be something in the Valk/Rune type lineup for 2006. Geeeze....PLEASE TELL ME you aren't starting that rumor already? At least wait until next year....PLEASE.

Again, NO NEW 05s. Called that one, didn't I? But then that was EASY to call. 06s.....even i can't call that one THIS FAR OUT. Truly, NO ONE KNOWS. Wait about 6 months, then start the BS rumors :wink:

But let's please drop it for now 8) there is NOTHING on the near horizon. PERIOD.
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Short and Sweet

No more Runes, ever.
Yeah, even on the VRCC site they are clinging to the hope of another Valkyrie. It's just not going to happen. The only motorcycle that will ever have this engine will be the GW, and that's it.
Re: Short and Sweet

LOV2KRZ said:
No more Runes, ever.
Stopped by Milpitas Honda searching for a B/Cwith chrome wheels. Both sales manager and sales person said ther will not be any 2005 Runes made. There is a possibility of them producing the T-5 concept bke instead.

1coolmc, I know those guys at Milpitas and they don't know anything about what Honda is planning, they are paid to keep our interest in the future as long as it doesn't impact with buying now. It would be cool to see the T5 bike made, just another custom from Honda.
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