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I had a great time riding and hanging out with all the Rune guys and gals yesterday. The ride was great except maybe for the dirt road part :lol: , the food and the fellowship was great too. Tim and his helpers really put on a good show for the very first Rune Rally. You guys did a very special thing too and I'll have another post about that soon. All I can say is you guys have a BIG heart and it's in the right place.

If you want to see some of the pictures I loaded then you can see them all here. ... e=&ppuser=
I'm going to go back later today and take a few more shots, these didn't turnout that great. :roll:

This was the longest distance Rune Rider winner, pretty easy to tell. ;) I heard he slept most of the way here from California.

The Grand Prize winner and your fearless leader. 8)

Both these guys talk funny. ;)

I'll post back a little later. Thanks again Tim and all who made this happen and all that showed up.

Oh, by the way gas was $2.95 in most places around here and there was plenty of it. What they did was limit you to 30 bucks worth. 8)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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