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A Rune riding in Montecarlo

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Hi bross.
today with Fiore we visited Montecarlo. The Rune had a nice place near Yatchs Rolls & Ferrari.
The ocean museum is very interesting. j got a picture of Rune in front the casino.
A lot of coments but many where unespected from Montecarlo guests
"how much does it cost?"
At the return we stopped for filling gasoline and there where five trucks of team Ferrari carrying back formula uno cars from french airport. the truckers spent sometime around the Rune.
Hannibal ... snw?Page=1
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Very Nice

Your photos are very nice. The Rune looks great in front of the aquarium.

Hi Steven, how are you?
the rune is in front the casino.
on the back where Angela was taking the picture there is a large garden with Botero figures.
J forgot to load the camera battery that is why few pictures. j got mouvies of inside museum as of alive fishes.
the acquarium is really a big palace and no possible to get a full picture, have a look here:

we rided on highway for 350 km to go and 350 back. the highway is fantastic all turns along the seaside.

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