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Advice on windshields?

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I bought my Rune about 4 weeks ago and loveit! I ride to work several times per week as well as on weekends. I need advice about the windshield. I have read about the Windvest and some other folks were talking about a Memphis Shades. Can you guys give me some advice?

Also, my husband and I will be at the Hoot and I wanted to know if there is anything special that the Rune Riders are doing?

Thanks! Look forward to meeting some of you then.
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I have the windvest on my rune. I personally think it looks beter than the memphis shade windshield, but i find it a little too short. I am 6'3" tall and the 16" windvest is just too short for me. If you are less than 6' tall, it would probably be just fine. It was mentioned that windvest might be making a 18" x 18" windshield. I personally will get it if they do.
on the windshield, i like my Windvest. But i must admit, it is NOT a full if you go with it, you have to know that it will allow more wind than a full windshield would. but it allows me to ride with just a half helmet and sun glasses...with no tears and clear vision. ANd it looks good...goes with the lines of the bike. So for is PERFECT.

On the Hoot...i am contemplating going and putting together a dinner one night and a group ride. That is IF i have interest. So far, i haven't heard much interest...but i haven't been pushing it much........
Thanks for the quick response. I had heard a lot of people were unhappy with the 16" Windvest. I am under 6' tall but was waiting to hear if anyone actually had the 18" on their bike or if Windvest even had it out yet.

Thanks again.
there has been talk about an 18 inch model. I believe Steve/LOV2KRZ said that the vendor said they may have an 18 inch model out this coming fall?

I'm just under 6 ft tall...and for me, again, the Windvest is a PERFECT....though perfect COMPROMISE blend of great looks, low profile, and just enough protection to allow me to ride in reasonable comfort.

But, it definitely has less protection than my FULL Honda shield on my 97 Valk Tourer. But then, that windshield looks big and bulky in comparison.

I've seen the new Memphis Shades mount/shield for the Rune. Not my cup of tea. I'm sure it is VERY functional....but it don't look good at all, especially when compared to the Windvest appearance. On THIS bike...looks are every bit as important....maybe even MORE SO....than just function. At least for me :twisted:

As of now WindVest only offers the 16x16 shield. They may release a 16x18 shield sometime this fall (October at the earliest). :)

I personally like the looks of the WindVest but I find its to narrow, the air scoops into your arms and that is what is causing the buffeting. I have the 16x18 and like it a lot but again its too narrow. :cry:

I haven't seen the Memphis Shades so if anyone has one mounted lets get a picture of it on the board.
Welcome to the world of Rune's. I also have the "Windvest" and love it. As stated, it's NOT a windshield, but rather a buffer. It will block 50% of wind, bugs, debris, rain as you seat nose/lip high over it. It's not made to look through, just over. Here in Florida the Windvest is prefect as it still let's air circulate around the driver on hot days. Plus it doesn't take that much away from the look of the bike. I have the clear one instead of the smoked. It mounts easy on/off.

But different strokes for different folks, it's not for everyone. Try to find one near you or at a rally for the closeup feeling.

You may also wish to consider the TrimTab fairing or windshield by Corbin. I have both the Windvest and Corbin. I have mounted and tried both. Functionally the Corbin works best for me. It is adjustable and the slope angle can be changed on the move. Both shields look good although both looks are very different. Neither provide the protection that I get from my Gold Wing setup. All windshields are a compromise of some sort, one must make a decision based on each person's needs.
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