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All I need now is an Ice Maker

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There are photos of my two-up seat, with saddle bags, in my gallery.

Six people have sent emails, to me, asking where I got the saddle bags.


T431 Arrow Saddlebags

Dimensions: 8.7-11"W x 18"L x 11"H
Capacity: 19-25ltrs
Attachments: Adjustable velcro elasticated straps
Included: Raincovers and shoulder Strap

GO TO: ... saddlebags
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You want an icemaker, move to New Jersey from November till March. Then you can make use of your upcoming GIFT :lol: :twisted:
Nice seat, are they the Rivco pass pegs ??
Rich K. ( RuneSki )

Who makes the bags? Great shots and nice BUTTs. These bikes look great coming and going. :D
Chuck...i used the "img" button when i posted.....right up top. Steve told you about this button before....BUT...when he told you, he told you wrong, as you were doing something in your profile that time...and the Img button is NOT in the profile area. but it is on EACH AND EVERY post.

Make a post.....then ....copy your photo from whereever you have it stored...then hit the "Img" button inside your post where you want the photo to appear...then copy the URL of the image "ie...the info you put a LINK to in YOUR post"....then hit the "Img" button again (it will have an * in front of it....indicating you have a photo image URL you need to "close out").


Did any modifications have to be done for the bags to fit ?
What all could you put in them (jacket, liner, chaps, etc.) ?

Thanks for any information. JT
You may remember that I too have these bags. While they are functional and look good as temporary storage units, you must use caution when using them. The silver color heat shield material on the bottom of the bags are somewhat abrasive. I added them for a trip to Daytona last fall whereas they did scratch the tops of my chrome side panels (the ones that have "HONDA" on them located under the seat).

As for their functionally they are great. I stored everything that I needed for a four day trip with ease (I never opened or expanded them for maximum holding capacity). To mount them I simply removed the seat and set them down on the fender. I then replaced the seat using it to hold the bags in place.
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