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" Another Bring A Trailer Rune"

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No Reserve: 2004 Honda Rune for sale on BaT Auctions - ending April 30 (Lot #105,655) | Bring a Trailer

"Almost 20 years down the road for the Rune, and yet, some folks seem to know so little about the bike they own. In this case, they don't know where the emission label is on the bike, that the VIN show it's not a CA Rune. That the VIN Sticker show it's a DA in more than one way. That the HONDA sticker on rear fender is on top of the clearcoat. Guess an owner along the way preferred chrome wheels to the spec 47 it came with. Nice looking first year Rune with low miles, to bad it's not all original.

How high will the price go?"
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"I don't have a BaT account, so, maybe the individual (Deeceex2) that posted the information below on the BaT site for the above Rune is on here as well?

If so, what is the difference between the 4 (USA 49 States, USA California, Canada, and Australia) versions and what specific legal requirements are you talking about?"

"Even though these bikes were produced in very low numbers, they were made in versions to comply with legal requirements in the following four jurisdictions : USA 49 States, USA California, Canada, and Australia. Within those categories, they were built with either chrome or Spec 47 (painted) wheels. They also came with either forward (A), or rear (B) handlebars."
What all is it missing? Chrome looks pitted...rough"ish" condition really. Good "riders" bike.
Wow indeed. I sold Sherry's for LESS THAN HALF was in MUCH better shape that that bike! Of course, it had about twice as many miles on it, but was in MUCH better shape. But I knew the Dealer was "gouging me" going into the deal. I just didn't want to mess with selling to someone ....having them want to come to my house....ride the bike.....etc, etc. I would have possibly sold it to someone on here....if someone would have shown interest. I would have let it go for FAR, FAR less than that bike sold for.

Like Falcon Wing, I don't see what's missing on the bike. I see some add on SS side covers....RIVCO caliber covers.....stuff like that, but i don't see any alterations or missing parts?

Anyway, I still have to shake my head over how little I got for Sherry's Rune and how much some others get. But that's the price I paid for not wanting to wait around or deal with folks ....I don't like folks coming to the house to "case the place" for future burglaries.....or letting folks ride the bike and possibly "crash and burn"....etc. I've NEVER had any luck selling ANY bike or car I've owned. I usually just trade em' in and "take my beating".................. I've given my friends stuff to sell on Craig's list for me. And then .....I watch as they have the stuff for a year......and keep meeting people "in town" (many of my friends live out in the country like me....going to meet someone in town is a 20-30 mile drive ONE WAY). They'll keep taking time off of work...loading the stuff up....driving in to town....and waiting around, only to be shown up by the possible buyer time after time. Then drive back home...unload the stuff....wait.....and start all over. Nope, I don't do any stuff like that. I just don't have the patience! Nor the desire............

So, that's the price I paid.....for letting her Rune go quickly and easily. I got about half of what it was probably worth! Ok, maybe not that I don't think the bike listed here was worth what it sold for. I probably lost....realistically....about $5-7k by selling to the dealer. So be it I guess.............
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"Here you go, I was asked to give my two cents on the bike by someone looking at it, this was/is my take or opinion only.

Pic 23: Front tire looks to have wear/cupping on Rt looking @ it. Seller was asked about build date, he replied he couldn't find one. It takes five second online to type in the question and for an answer to show where the build date is on a Dunlop. Seller stated dealer would have changed it when they did the rear if it needed to be. Maybe? Rear tire was done May 2022, finding an OEM front tire was hard to do, if not impossible.

Pic 26: Missing Bolt for right side radiator shroud/cover (top). Blow up the pic and look @ under the triple tree, not sure what's going on there.

Pic 34: Has Rivco Risers, so been altered and the OEM brake line is missing.

Pic 45: Blowup pic, what's up with the electric tape by steering head nut/cap

Pic 52: Ultimate Seat, so bike is altered/add on, no OEM seat, part no longer available, one on ebay for a lot of $$$

Pic 56: Blowup pic, what's up with under rear brake pedal

Pic 57: Bolt chrome cap missing on lower left triangle/foot peg piece.

Pic 57: Side Cover add on alters bike and the rear brake master gray plastic cover is missing, cover is removed to install side covers, Part is no longer available

Seller posted bike was 27,500 new, a new 2004 Rune with Spec47 wheels was 24,499.

All the above is just my take or opinion, in the end it means nothing! (Except to the one that asked me for my two cents on it)

The bike sold, hopefully seller and buyer are both happy with the deal.

"Good "riders" bike." (y)

I agree, and a costly one---Again, in my opinion!

The Rune has been used and not cared for all that well. The selling price is way high, but, that's not a bad thing, if a bike in that condition sells for that amount, what is a nice Rune worth these days?"
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"On Ebay, DA Rune...(y) VIN puts it as a California Rune and in IB (y) What a fair price."(y)

2004 Honda Valkyrie Rune 1800 | eBay
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"Good way to word the VIN #9 by the seller. Not saying it was #9 off the line, just that it was #9. Seeing there is more than one #9 and many other Runes that were manufactured before their #9, even VIN # 1327 was. Wonder how many bid thinking it's the 9th Rune made?

Nice bike! I couldn't buy a California one, too many parts different from the other(s), and with so many of them being unavailable. I would find another Rune."
" Look @pic 42-blowed up---drilled exhaust/opened up, and a bad job of welding backup, that just the start of the things wrong/damaged/missing. It'll need work."
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" Look @pic 42-blowed up---drilled exhaust/opened up, and a bad job of welding backup, that just the start of the things wrong/damaged/missing. It'll need work."
What's the list?
What's the list?
"List will take too no list.
Wonder what happen with the rear fender, pics 74,75,77. Being sold by a dealer, so why would they not touch is up or have someone do it to maximize the profit, it's a low miles Rune."
I agree....that rear fender sure has a lot of deep scratches. Looks pretty rough...
" Rune would make a great bike for a custom paint option if the price doesn't get too crazy (already getting there-IMO), to cover damage/scratches. Pic 41 scratches/missing paint and bolt on rear master cover, minor scratches on upper right pivot cover. Both parts no longer available. A little bit more of list.";)
"Wonder why the seller won't answer the posted questions?"
"IMO- Bike is a poor example of a Rune!"

This one pic alone tells enough (exhaust-a lot of rust,etc/rear fender/master cover) to make one that knows about a Rune(s), that things are not right. Looks like a good move by the seller on not posting a reply to questions. The price is already unreal for that bike, again in my opinion."

"And a great job by the photographer on making it look good."

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