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Those who read about dannofive`s experience in daytona may be interested in my experience wich was much like his. Left K.C. , rode big red Rune to N.C. and enjoyed riding the Blue Ridge Parkway. Myrtle Beach was my next stop--Then on to Daytona. The Rune was running great. Second day in Daytona started developing same problem as dannofive had. Clouds of black smoke, difficulty keeping it running below 30 mph and extremely rough idle. Plans to attend Butt Naked Biker Bash outside Tampa and run to the Keys were canceled. Bike ran ok at speed although 70 miles to a tank of gas instead of the usual 200. Got it back to K.C. and turned it over to my trusted dealer. Armed with a print out of dannofive`s experience and help from Honda tech line the problem was soon diagnosed as faulty throttle positioning sensor showed faulty resistance reading. Honda authorized replacement of throttle body as in danno`s case and it should be in and bike on the road soon. Thanks to dannofive and the board. I should be back riding red soon. Thanks!! Also appreciate the fact that the old board had not been deleated and this information lost. Did anyone attend the BNBB near Tampa - should have been interesting.
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