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Any news on the Powercommander...

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that one of our members was looking into. Is it still going to be produced.
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Got a reply...Still no progress as of this time. I guess he still doesn't have the correct parts in. I hope he gets them soon because I'm moving to Seattle in the next few months and I won't be able to work with them any more.....
I appreciate your efforts on this one VegasShawn.
Do you get the impression that they're still interested in this, or d'you reckon they're going cold on the idea?
Like I said, I appreciate your efforts in following this one up. I just hope they can get something started before you move.
They haven't said anything about NOT doing it. Dusty was pretty excited about putting it together when this whole process started. He thought that the Rune would DEFINATELY benefit from a PowerCommander module. I think the main hang up is their R&D department out of state. They are the ones that have to design the module that can handle a 6-cyl bike.

The people here in Las Vegas can program the software for the unit, but the modules themselves are designed and mfg. somewhere else. I know that if they had a correct module, they would put something together for me.
Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't we working with the wrong company? I have a friend who has a 1500 Valkyrie and he has had a Dyna 3000 module on his bike for years and loves it. I know the Rune engine is different but adleast Dyna has equipment to test 6 cylinder engines.
Good Idea Wrong Fuel System

The Dyna 3000 is for carburetor bikes and changes the ignition system (coil) not the fuel injection system. The Power Commander is a supplemental ECM (it rewrites the fuel injection table, actually it modifies the stock tables) and doesn't affect spark timing advance or retardation like the Dyna units.
LOV2KRZ, thanks for the education, I stand corrected. If you don't ask you'll never learn.
Please educate me.

What is a power commander? what does it do? benifits? drawbacks? how difficult to install?

Thanks for being patient with me.
The Powercommander units basically re-maps the fuel injection software for bikes. It sits between your stock ECU and the injectors.

The Rune runs very lean at low RPM's, correctly in the middle of the powerband and rich on the top end. That's what the baseline results showed when I took the bike to Dynojet. They examine the exhaust gases to see how efficiently the engine is burning fuel.

The Powercommander module can "interrupt" the timing of the fuel injectors to make the bike run properly throughout the entire RPM range. So, at lower RPMs, it can tell the injectors to stay open a little longer to richen the mix, and tell the injectors to close faster at higher RPMs.

It would be kinda like this:

ECU tells injector to stay open for 30ms, but the Powercommander unit gets the message first since it's hooked in-line between the ECU and the injectors. It checks the current RPM's and decides to tell the injector to say open for 40ms instead. The ECU is non the wiser.
As well as the fuel mapping, many powercommanders are also able to change the ignition advance/retard. When the bike has the fuelling and ignition set up properly and you'll need a dyno session for that; the net result is a more efficient engine producing more power and/or better mpg. The rev limiter can also be reset as I hear it kicks in a little too early on the Rune.
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