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Anyone in California or Nevada going to Marysville

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A couple of friends and I are leaving for Marysville Ohio in July.
We are going with a 32 foot RV and a 6 bikes enclosed trailer we will drive and ride all the way non stop, if you want to join us and ride part of the way and trailer your bike the other part for gas money , contact Danny at 520-275-6753 direct cell #
Right now we have room for 3 bikes we can also pick up guys along the way there.
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What a great offer, now I wish I wasn't going to the Hoot in June since it seems more folks are going to Homecoming. Maybe next year for me.
Steve...i have been to BOTH the homecoming....three years....and the InZane....three years....and the Hoot...3 or 4 years. Hands down...BOTH the InZane and the Hoot are FAR BETTER than Homecoming. Homecoming has far more Gold Wing type folks there. The factory tour is ok...but once you've done that once (and it only lasts for minutes)'ve seen it. i mean, they have some the Gold Wings doing the parade of lights....Gold Wing drill team...etc.

But trust me, the Hoot will be far better. MANY, MANY more bikes at the Hoot. Many more cool activities. And the InZane is better yet. ALL the events and rides and vendors....ALL of them, are just for Valks and Runes. Des from Ultimate will be there. Rivco will be there. the list goes on and on. If i could pick ONE event per year to go to...and i owned a Valk or Rune....i would pick the InZane first. My close second pick would be the Hoot. I won't ever do the Homecoming again. After seeing it once, only reason i did it again was because it USED to be in conjunction with InZane. InZane was at Zanesville, OH and Homecoming was at Marysville...just 90 miles down the road. So you could kill both birds with one stone. But the Homecoming alone wasn't worth going to for me.

Now that they have seperated the InZane and the Homecoming....if i can only do one, HANDS will be InZane. think about it....800-1000 Valks and Runes....all in one place...with all the events and rides and vendors JUST FOR US. again, see the post above of mine. Go to the web site. See what all it has to offer. click on the link for "schedule of events". If that don't get you don't own a Valk or Rune...or you're already dead :twisted:

I've been to all three of these events mulitiple times, and this is a no-brainer. Unless you just live next door to Marysville and don't have vacation or money to go anyware else :oops:

Now the best of both worlds...would be to do BOTH the InZane and Homecoming back to back. They are close enough to do that....and they are back to back weeks.
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Tim, I think I might go to the InZane next year based on your input. Even though I'm retired I do have stuff that keeps me near home so one long bike trip a year (over one week) is all I can afford time wise.

Anyway, the Hoot is just 3 weeks away and I'll be leaving CA. on the 18th to get to Knoxville by the 22nd. I'm not in any hurry to to get there and want to be rested so I can enjoy the stuff I've registered for.
The Hoot

I'd love to meet up. I've already registered (read that as paid) for the Thursday jambalaya dinner but think I could make the Friday BBQ if my girl friend doesn't have me scheduled to do something with her family in Knoxville. I also have rides registered for Thursday and Saturday. That's my plan anyway.
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