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I recently noticed some crap on my right side muffler cover. I cleaned it off, looked for the source. I noticed some stains on the right rear of the engine block. I thought, OK, just an event not a real issue.

After another couple hundred miles, viola, stains on the muffler cover again. Took the bike to the dealer for further review. Patiently waiting for a response.

Has anyone seen a leak for the upper section and the right rear of the engine block? Looks like fuel, definitely not oil. Isn't the coolant tank nearby as well?

3900 miles, front tire is trashed and rear as well (too many burn-outs and too much front brake). But still better than riding any other bike.

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I had a slight leak from the coolant reservoir, but it leaked on to the intake and valve cover, never made it back to the exhaust and it was bright green spots of course.
Quite a few people had coolant leaks from some of the radiator hoses,
a couple of cranks on the clamp took care of most of them.
If it was fuel on the back of the block you would definetly smell it, especially when you come to a stop.
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