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ATTENTION!!! It has come to our attention....

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...that a few of your accounts may be listed as "inactive". If this is the case, that means you will not be able to post anything. By the way, the most likely reason that your account would be that when you registered, you accidentally registered as "13 or under". When you register, there is an option to identify you as an adult. If you chose 13 or under, you will NOT be able to post (why would anyone chose that anyway :?: ). Chose the over 13...and you'll be able to post.

I suspect some may be missing this part when they register...and ACCIDENTALLY registering as 13 or under. Anyway, if YOU CAN NOT POST, email me (look in my profile, and click on my email button). Tell me you can't post...we'll get it working. Right now, Mellow is looking thru all the members who show ZERO posts....checking their see if they are active. If they are INACTIVE, he will change them to ACTIVE.

Also, i believe he has removed the bit about declaring your age as over or under 13 when registering, so that problem might be a thing of the past for everyone registering from this point on. But...if for some reason he misses your account....and you have registered...and can't post....EMAIL me so we can get it straight!

OK, all you 13 year olds behave now :twisted: Oh yea, Jerry, my're good to go now...
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I'm up and running again, a big mahola to RedValk, Lamonster and the webmaster for their help. We are fortunate to have you guys at the helm.

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