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what a blast. Only saw three other Runes. Two from this board....Doc (BEARD1 plate) from Illinoise and Cyclops from Orgeon/Washington area. I also saw a third Rune....Des from Ulitmate seats. He will be at the Rune rally in September! i also saw one other board member....TinPony. But he rode is Valk there.

Not much to report....other than it was hot as blazes. Oh, and as i commented in an earlier post....two of the three Runes i saw....once they heard my modified exhaust....they IMMEDIATELY said "i have to have that sound". Since i brought the drill bit, it was accomplished right then....ON THE SPOT. The grin on their face was priceless (after drilling).

i bought a set of chrome valve stem covers with the Honda emblem in black on the match the black Rune. But that was it....other than a couple of thirts.

Now.....a lilttle over thirty some days until our Rune Rally!!!!!!!!
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