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back from the InZane....some notes...

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First, i saw 9 members from this board...and 8 Runes. Most Runes i've seen in one place! I saw a member with a single wheel in line trailer behind hi red Rune....saw Cyclops....Ratdog....Des from Ultimate Seats...Runehead (Ernie....even got to hear his cutom pipes on the Rune!!!!)...saw Hog Slayers bike, but never saw him...etc. i can't remember everyone's name i saw. There were Two black Runes, two blue, and four red.

I talked with Rivco (Rich and Holly) and told them to come post some here on the board. They told me about some new........oh wait, i can't tell you about that yet. But i can tell you, i think....something cool is coming from Rivco for the Rune in the future. i can't tell you anymore now....but i'm excited!

Speaking of Rivco, i added Rivcos pegs (for the driver) to both Runes. I liked them so much, i even took my ISO Wings off of my bike to put the better looking Rivco pegs on. They're about 2-3 times bigger/wider than the stock driver pegs...and look very good quality. A funny thing happend while they were being installed. they needed to have the springs that come on the factory pegs to install their pegs...but i had ISO Wings on....which have no springs. So i went on a quest for some springs for the pegs. NONE to be found...i then went looking at hardware stores/tractor supply stores while Rich worked on some other bikes at the Rivco trailer (with mine 'half' done waiting for the springs to finish!). Finally, while i couldn't find the exact spring...i did come up with a rat trap....and stole the springs from it to use....which were similar. So for a couple of days, my 25k cool Rune had a $2 rat trap set of springs on it! imagine the shame :oops: i replaced them with the factory springs when i got home! So the "Rat bike" is back in order now!

I heard Ernie's pipes on his black RUne.....very cool. Need to get some louder pipes on my bikes!

i bought some cleaning products that i'll give a report on later....and as part of the staff, one of my jobs was to MC the Ladies Only Tattoo contest. Now that, was FUN!!!!!!

The his and hers Runes got plenty of looks....and drool. i also competed in the slow race.....but didn't win.

All in all, Runes were well represented! here is yours truly finishing the slow race with a pretty good run.....

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Hi Tim, Must have been cool having all those Runes together. Which Rivco pegs did you install? Thanks for all your helpful input on the board. Ed
Rivco calls them the "flat foot billet hiway pegs", part number PEGSW, $65. you also have to get their adapter to mount it as a driver peg. Rich from Rivco sold me the pegs and adaptors....AND MOUNTED them...all for 75 bucks at the InZane!

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Hey Tim,
Same here, I saw your bikes but never saw you.
No, I have Kuryakyn Iso-pegs on mine, but I like the look of those Rivco pegs. Come on don't tease us like that, what's Rivco got in the works?
Just a hint!
Which bike in Paducah got the Peoples Choice award?
they asked me not to tell yet. they don't want to say something....and then maybe have delays in bringing the product to market....and have you guys hanging on ....waiting...wondering. They figure you get enough of that already.

When they are ready, they'll just announce it....and it will be available....and you won't have to wait for months to get it. I know it SOUNDS like i am being evasive....but that's the plan. I have now EXHAUSTED all possible things to say about this. Do you hear me LOUD and clear?

i can't say a thing............

On the people's choice...i can't remember....i know that Vicky/TNT got second in the Wild class. I know i put my Rune in the 'wash and wax' class for just a couple of hours late in the show (which means it got less exposure/less voting time)....and it didn't get many votes. I sort of expected that. If you read that board....there's quite a few folks that sort of don't care for the Rune. They're very loyal to the Valk...and feel kind of rejected/hurt/forgotten by Honda. So they actually kind of turn up their nose at the Rune. So i wasn't surprised i got very few votes...and the Valks got all the votes. At any other non-Valk bike show, i would expect just the opposite...i would expect to seriously compete. But not with those Valk guys. Of course i have a Valk too.....but that doesn't count for much with them 8)
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