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But we had lots of fun while at the Rune Rally :pepper1: Got pictures to load so it might take a while... For all of those who could not come this year, you really missed a great time meeting these riders, they are good people. And the different changes each person did with their bike was amazing. Tim did a wonderful job setting this all up and the hotel was just begging to do more for us. What was really neat was to watch the line of vertical tail lights going into town Friday night for dinner..WOW!! Of course now I am going to have to spend some money to get ready for next year, I'm way behind on the Chrome!! :eek:4:

Tim, count us in for next year!! :D

Dave & Suz

Ps..we passed the 2,500 total milage and I have 9, 700 on the Dunlop front tire..but no more... :eek:4:
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