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Banjo bolts/Handle bar swap out

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I have purchased a set of pull back handle bars and the new brake line that must accompany the change over from the forward set bars. I have also received the fantastic chrome banjo bolts from Tom/Jr and went to have all of these items installed by I-90 Motorsports in Issaquah, Washington today. I ordered the handle bars three weeks ago and only today two weeks after them came in and two hours after I leave the bike do they notice that the bars have a blemish and can't use them! Two weeks ago I was also quoted 6 hours of labor to change over the handle bars/brake line/clutch line and put my new banjo bolts in while the brake system was bled anyway. I cancelled the clutch line part of the install since I discovered it wasn't needed. Today I drop it off and they tell me it'll be 7 hours of labor. That's MINUS the clutch line part of the prior 6 hour quote!!!!!!! :? So I sign the estimate to start. As I'm asking them about there abilities and going over some of the fine details of the bike the fellow in the service department ( who shall remain name less at the moment) tells me that "their not overly eager to work on my bike anyway" as I'm about to leave my bike in their hands!!
Then when they call me two hours later about the new handle bar's blemish, the tell me that the brake line banjo bolt change over will take more time then they thought. To be exact they figure on 8 HOURS........... YES, I SAID 8 HOURS to do just the brake bleeding banjo bolts swap!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:
So now the estimate is for 11 hours total. 3 for the bars and 8 for the bleeding @ $80/hr + tax which come to $950 roughly out the door!!!! Plus the parts of course.
I've read what some of you have paid and how long it's taken to do these things to your bikes and I feel like I-90 Motorsports is trying to give me a really long shaft compared to others change over experiences.
Anyone have any input on this for me. I've started looking at other dealers and nobody has done anything like what I want to do around here in Washington state.
I love my bike but this seems a little ludicrious for them to change the quote two hours later in the morning after I sign a 7 hr estimate and then change it to 11 hours when they haven't even touched the bike yet. I grilled them about having the manual and talking to Honda during the two weeks prior to waiting for the change over surgery :lol: . They were very conifident in there abilities (aka: COCKY) To me, they now have egg on their face :(
Any imput here fellas????????????
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Way too high

The bar change should be not more than 3 hours and changing the banjo bolts and bleeding the lines (I had this done at my dealer) and took them 3 hours. You are being ripped off at anything over 6 hours total. The brake system is the same that is on the VTX, linked, and shouldn't be any harder than that to bleed. I think the book rate is about 3/4 of an hour to bleed the system. Removing all the bolts and draining the system is more complex then just a fluid replacement, but its not that hard.

I had my bars changed out by my dealer. Since neither of us knew how long it might take, we agreed upon a not to exceed 2 hour job at their shop rate of $50.00 per hour. It actually took 3 hours. Did it while I waited. I offered to pay them for the additional hour, but they wouldn't accept my additional payment.

I always ask for and get their head Goldwing mechanic and we've had a very good working relationship. I always slip him a $20 for a sandwich or beer and he always takes very good care of my bikes.

At the time we were doing the bar exchange, it was unclear if the wiring would have to be extended. The Honda parts manual DOES SHOW different part numbers for the wiring harness for both the left side and right side. The total cost was something crazy like $500 + . Again, my dealer being reasonable, allowed me to bring a soldering gun and extra wire if required. It wasn't necessary. The stock wiring from the forward bar set up was fine. My dealer sold me the bars and front brake line at dealer cost since I bought the bike there, and originally wanted a pull back bar bike. The cost on the bars is $106.60 and the front brake line is $26.03.

Your dealer is obviously telling you he doesn't want to do the work. If you don't own the shop manual, or aren't comfortable doing the work yourself, I'd suggest finding another dealer or custom cycle shop who is more reasonable.

The rear bars made a HUGE difference for me...... at 5' 8" it fits much better now.
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Dave I could fly out to washington from miami and still do it cheaper than 1000.00 dollars. You need to tell him to stick that quote where the sun don't shine. Call me maybe i could help you out.
B Bars and Banjo bolts

Strongly suggest you do it yourself... Ratdog and I did mine and followed the "how to" step by step provided by Redvalk... just did mine a few weeks ago and i am in seattle... gotta be bout 20 miles from you! if you wanna drop by and talk to me about it... email me... thats WAY too many hours to pay for the swap... hardest thing is bleeding the bleedin brakes but even that is not hard once you figure it out...
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