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Bar ends broke my bike

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I have been using the bullet bar ends for over a month and I really think they complete the look of the handlebars. However, returning home from Nelson Ledges Race Track yesterday I noticed a slight gap in the right bar end. I just touched it and it fell off in my hand. On closer inspection, the plastic thread that the bar end attaches to had broken in half up inside the throttle grip. Well, I tried Gorilla Glue and it didn't hold so now I am trying a bigger application of it and keeping my finger crossed. Anybody else encountered this problem? :(
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Hi, I had the same prob. kinda what happen with me was that I had toghten the throttle side to tight and cracked the threads & it stayed on until the next time when I checked to insure they were both secure and it fell off in my hand. I did do a temp fix with gorilla glue, I glued the threads back on without the end cap & when that was dry I put the cap back on just tight enoupf so it wouldn't loosen up. Then I ordered a new throttle. It cost about a $100.00 for a new one you get the grip and stock grip end all in one. I replaced the broken one then put the new end cap back on but this time I did not crank on it just gentle hand tight until I felt resistance then stop. Have had no problem since.
Good luck!!
Bar End

I too had the same problem, replaced the throttle but before I re-installed the bar ends I ground them down a couple of mm so they fit flush but don't press all the way into the throttle body. I notified Hal of this and he told me that the manufacturer was gong to make them shorter.
Ouch...3 incidents! I'd say that is a valid problem...

I have had a set on order since the Memorial Day sale, supposedly are on the way now, hope I got the new ones. Hal...?

Not sure that I'll be putting them on, or possibly sending them back with these reports. :?
grip ends prolbems

The problem might be the thread size in the aluminum pc needs the pitch to high limit.because when it gets warm it expands more than normal and could cause the plastic to break,that's why Honda used steel ends instead of aluminum, It says in the machinist hand book that when matching aluminum thread to plastic to machine the plastic to low limit and the aluminum to high limit because the heat expansion will cause some plastics to crack. thats just my guess
thanks for the input Tom...

informative and interesting!

(did the powdercoater get things matched, or does he want another actual spinner to experiment on :lol: )
powder coat guy is killing us

well no luck with the powder coat guy yet, now the pc he gave us today looks like the last pc just more shinny, tomorrow we will try again .We will not give up until we get a perfect match.
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