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Battleship New Jersey Run

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I will be riding to Camden for the Battleship New Jersey M/C Run this Sun. the 29th. I won't be riding in the big group itself but some friends from work and myself are going to cruise there on our own. It would be good to see any fellow Rune riders who might be in the area show up. I'll be looking out for you. J.I.
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Gene and I will meet you somewhere and go together if you so desire:!:
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
Too late

That would've been good Rich, but as you must read again, the run was last Sunday :!: Anyway, sometime, we'll meet up for a cruise. Saw one other Rune there. He had never heard of this site, so I told him about it and maybe he'll come join the rest of us. Later, J.I.
Oops, gotta tell Gene, He thought it was this coming Sunday.
Thanks, Rich K.( Rune Ski )
However..this Saturday...

Hey Rich, I may be going to Wildwood this Saturday for Roar to the Shore. It was very big last year and weather permitting, I will take a ride down there this year as well. That would be the 11th so we don't have any confusion again :D
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