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Biketoberfest-Daytona Meeting?

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Hey fellow Rune Riders!
Who's all going to Biketoberfest? And for those of you that are...where are we meeting for Brunch on Saturday?
I'm heading over from Tampa on Friday morning and will be staying at the Ocean Walk, close to Main Street.
Just like at Homecoming this year, I would love to meet and ride with you guys if you're coming to the event!
The weather forecast looks pretty good for the weekend....
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Season coming to an end

Wish I were a bit closer and could go to Biketoberfest.. too little vacation left. Here in the UP of Michigan (I am the lone Rune Rider up here) we have already had a couple slushy snowfalls... so other than trailering (which will happen sometime this winter) I am now stuck in the AuTrain - Marquette area until spring... Can't chance leaving here and having to drive back in snow.... Short rides on select days will be the rule... I have had a great summer on my Rune even tho it was a cold one up here... Took delivery on June 1 and with no trips over 260 miles one way I have ridden 11,500 miles so far... What an awesome machine.. as I have said before... as fun to park as it is to ride... well maybe not quite... Drive safe and enjoy Biketoberfest.
ill be there

ill be there too i am staying like 2 blocks from main street we shoule met up some where and compait notes
I'll be there too, and hello to all

Hi everyone,

I've enjoyed reading the posts on this forum. As this is my first post, I'd like to say hi to all.

After months of researching new bikes, I purchased a red Rune a couple of months ago. While I've been driving bikes for well over 30 years, I've never owned a really big bike. For this purchase, I considered a Harley, and then a Gold Wing, but for me, the Rune proved to be a case of "love at first sight."

I live in Central Florida, and I'll be in Daytona this Saturday (23rd). If there's anyone interested in meeting up, let me know. Also, if anyone will be visiting in the Orlando area during the next couple of weeks and would like to meet for a beer and conversation, let me know; I've yet to see or talk to another Rune owner.
We all look alike!


Welcome aboard and congratulations on your new Rune.

You say you’ve not talked to or met another Rune owner, well that is a shame because if you had you would have learned that the Black Runes are the fastest, biggest and the tires last longer. Too, you could have seen we are all good looking people with discerning tastes.
meeting of the runes in daytona

hm what time is brunch dave (eightyates) and i (mike) my cell is 786 525 8864 ......... would love to meet everyone finally........let me know if you could
let me know where u all want to meat up at.. Email me at [email protected] or post on here... maybe at iron horse? :lol:
Biketoberfest Possible Meeting Time!

On a earlier post on the board it looked like people could meet Saturday morning....
How about 11:00?
I'm going to be at the Sunshine Mall ( I believe that's it ) across from the Honda Dealership in Daytona. It's where a lot of the Honda Type vendors end up...hondadirectline and such.
If you'd like to meet up and have lunch let me know!
See you there!
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