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Blewrune - e-bay ad

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I was just checking out e-bay and came across this "Ad". ... S%3AUS%3A1

The serial number is bogus and it is listed as 14000 miles .

Check it out and post your thoughts ....

IMHO .... Honda does need improvement in it's dealer network. Not all are use to dealing with Hi-Tech / High Dollar Bikes.
The dealer I dealt with was great .... delivery was smooth ... they included the print ... made sure I was happy with the bike .... and thanked me for buying it from them...

Guys like this one hurt the value of a Rune by association. Most owners would not think of bashing their bikes / dealers. I am happy to be a Rune owner and think it is one of the best values in the market.

I will start another thread titled "I like my Rune" .... it would be a good place to post positive comments.
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What an excellent way to sell a motorcycle. :roll:
Right on!

My Dealership has been great! A couple of days after I took delivery I noticed some blemishes on the radiator cowling, I stopped by and showed them and they had new parts to me in less than a week.
With that mileage listed in that ad and that letter to the VP who in their right mind would make a bid! :? I fail to see the logic behind posting that letter.
not a "bogus ad"

VIN: 1HFSC53324A000171 . Yes 14,000 miles (enjoyable). but why own a bike that the dealer of purchase (CA$H SELL) won't service!

3 times to the dealer, 3 major GOOF - UPS. I've spent alot of $$ at that dealership & was banned because I caught them "doing dirty". Even Honda Ca. is affraid to reply in writing letter sent to VP.

The letter is 100% true. Nothing fabricated, madeup or dreamed. I never, in the 2 1/2 to 3 years dealing with them, had a problem. They took my money & sent me on my way. Just on my 2002 GW1800 = CD palyer, Speakers, Flood Lights, 2 or 3 sets of tires, refr'd business, plus labor costs.

It was only when I caught them leaving parts off (another dealership told me that) that I started to question the service I was getting & paid for.

The posting of the letter along with the sale is to prove the history of this bike. 1st question is always "why". This whole ordeal has been a nightmare. I'm not like the other guy (Rice Burner pd. 25K offered 14K by dealer). This is a good running like new bike. Worth every penny of 22K. Maybe someone else can get it serviced. I'm not driving 200 miles for service. That's why I bought it there.

The only time I ever raised my voice in this place was because the GW gold card didn't transfer as I had over serviced what I paid for. I been welcomed, thanked, & even looked for other bikes there (guess it was all fake). For those of you who have a good, fair & honest dealer to work with ..... you're lucky. As for Honda not backing the customer, when it's all proven .... that's another story.

This is a dead story with me ....... bike is for sale.
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A bum dealer can leave a raw taste no doubt. Good luck with the sale, I hope you find something you really like. You may be a bit high on your price though. Dealers in many parts of the country are now offering the bike for 18,999 with no set up fees, only lic and taxes if your from that state. Ebay has had several that never got a bid listed at 19 grand. In any case best of luck with what ever you decide to replace it with.
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