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Brochures, rare or availble

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On impulse I bought a couple of brochures last October after I got my bike. Since then several more have been on E-bay for sale as rare. At Christmas time I stoped and talked to my salesman and mentioned buying the brochures. He ask if I wanted more and produced a small handfull, I now have 10! I could share a couple if you can't find one at your dealers and want one to keep for yourself ( as in not resell tommorow on E-bay :oops: )
Let me know :)
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JX, I would love to have one to add to my Rune info binder. I got one from another member of the board but, it was delivered in very poor condition. I never did recieve one from my Dealer. Thanks for your consideration. Ed
PS. I have already sent you a Private message.
Are you guys talking about the booklet that has metal covers? There is a CD included that has the service manual and parts list. ken
I would love a brochure, please


I would love to have one, if you have one to spare. Let me know about postage, etc. :)

Kind regards,

What I have is the brochure that was available at the dealers, not the special hardbound one we got after the purchase. I'm saying five bucks flat and I'll ship a few out, I just need an address and you can pay me by return mail, I trust you :D
KenCrawleySC said:
Are you guys talking about the booklet that has metal covers? There is a CD included that has the service manual and parts list. ken

I'm fairly a new Rune owner and not sure what you are talking about. Does that hard bound come with the bike or do you buy one, and if you need to buy one where can you get one???

Bud the hard bound comes direct from Honda after you put down the big bucks, check your porch as they come FedEx!
What I have is the standard brochure that was free at the dealership, if you could find one.
I got a real neat package with a new handle bar cover, book and some more stuff from Kawasaki when I bought a 99 Drifter. It had my name engraved on the handle bar cover. Looked real cool.

Rune Brochures !


I would love a couple ! not available in the UK and although I have been promissed one by dealers ! nothing has arrived ! just let me know how much and postage to UK


[email protected]

I expect I'm too late :(

But if not, I'd love one :)

The ones we had @ the dealership I bought my Rune @ were stolen. :evil:

I hate it when that kinda stuff happens :roll:

NH Bill
You can still find themfor sale on e bay. the price has gone down now and you should be able to pick one up for under ten bucks.
I just bought a brochure on Evil-bay this past week-end. I was the only bidder and paid less than $5.00. I don't have it yet. Should be here in a week. They are available out there. The price seems reasonable. (Assuming it actually shows up!)

Glad to here you found one. I think a couple people got a hold of a tall stack some time ago and put one on E Bay every now and then.
I paid big for my first one, the same fore the framed poster, now there all getting reasonable ( except the framend poster I bought from mrracing which looked like it had been in someone's dirty damp garage after someone SAT on it.)
Good shopping,

Here's a couple of shots of the poster I got off of the dealer's wall - all matted and framed. :D
I believe this is the way some dealers got at least one of the posters they received. Since I had worked there part-time (to get a Rune @ discount) they gave me the framed poster. :D
I expect that these can be found on the ebay ~ evil bay's of the world. Wish I could have gotten a clearer shot ... maybe I'll try some other time.

NH Bill

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The hard book with the two cds

8) Since my bike got totaled I would be willing to sell the hard book in great conditon with the two cd's. I dont know what its worth!
better pic

I found this just moments ago and thought it was a much better shot.


Hope it is.

NH Bill 8)
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hard book


Thanks for thinking of me! :D

'NatiRune said he got one for under $5 from evil bay but I think that was just luck. jxrune said they have come down ... under $10 but still that might not be fair value for a pristine volume w/ the 2 CDs.

You have been a very helpful guy on this web site & this is a great offer ... wadaya want for it? :?:

Just dumb luck that I am home from work this morning 'cause school's called off on a'count of a snow day ... and we only have a few inches! otherwise I wouldn't a checked the board.

Let me know by this forum or by my email below (I'll pay the shipping costs - of course).

[email protected]

Thx again :D

NH Bill
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Rune Book

I would like to know how much?
NH Bill-

To be clear, what I found on e-bay was the sales brochure for the bike, NOT the hard bound book that Chaseman is referring to.

Hope this helps.


Thanks "NatiRune for that important clairification! :!:

Like I said earlier, Chaseman, you have been a very helpful guy on this site & this is a great offer. Wadaya want for the book and CDs? Since I don't have an idea what its worth ... anyone buy one of these recently? :D

What would you like for it?


NH Bill
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