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Buying and Importing 2 x Rune's into the UK

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Looking, along with a friend to buy 2 x Rune's in Sept 04 :) In the meantime I have to find who to buy them from ! yes I have done the rounds -, and Honda America web site and there is still a lot out there all over the States and offered at all sorts of prices !
We would prefer to buy on the West Coast because we want to ride the bikes back to the East Coast and take in a bit of Route 66.
Can anyone recomend a good Honda dealer giving discounts !,I have seen one dealer offering 'no sales tax' ? is there some states that do not charge sales tax ? anyone know which ones?
Has anyone any comments on having the wheels Chromed outside of Honda wheels ?one dealers said $1500 ? are there any 04 Rune's still in the Honda warehouse to order with Chrome Wheels or are they all out in dealers showrooms ?Had a chat with Honda in Torrance ! are you going to bring the bike into the UK ! when will the 05 production be released ! there were very polite but told me nothing ! speak to the dealers after the Sept show was the best I got.
Appreciate any help with the above.
PS. Is the Valk/Rune bash in Albuquerque worth dropping in on ?
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I imported my Rune into the UK. I Bought it for $20,600 (no tax because it was bought/going out of the state), Air freight was $1,400. Final price in the UK after tax/testing etc etc was £15,000. I bought the bike from Honda East Ohio, they arranged the freight and I had it within 1 week.
There are a number of dealers eg Procycle USA offering Runes for $19,995
which I believe is cost price. Again you shouldn't pay tax if the deal is done out of state and the bike is destined out of state
I used Honda East Ohio because they also took care of freight details and delivery to the UK, but now I have learnt of the ropes, there are companies that will do that for you eg BAX global in the UK.
When you bring it into the UK you will need an SVA test done before you can register it. Also a C&E 386 form from the Vat office to say you've paid the vat on entry to the UK.
The pleasant surprise is the that import duty is calculated on the cost of the bike AND the shipping. The VAT is then calculated on that ammount, so you pay tax on the tax!!! [email protected]!
You'll still pay the same duty and Vat rate on the bikes even if they're considered second hand (eg you've put a few thou on them). Just the cost of the bike will be correspondingly less.

BTW NB California models have extra gubbings on them for emissions avoid that if you don't need it.
If you need any more info let me know.
BTW 2. Don't forget to come to the big '05 Euro meet for Valks and Runes in South Wales! details on
BTW 3. I've heard that the OEM chroming on the wheels is not brillient, and you know what British weather is like. I reckon you should get them done yourself. There are plenty of places in the UK that will do them a lot cheaper than Honda are charging.
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got 2 Runes for sale in Arizona, a black chrome and a blue spec 47,
If interested let me know, Oh yeah there are new direct from the dealer, they have 4 miles on them.
Let me know,
dealer for export

Norris Motorsport assisted me in exporting the rune j purchased from them.
No idea if they have available or not. you may try to contact them.

[email protected]

Importing to the UK

Hi Steve C,
You must be one of a handfull with a Rune in the UK ! I was able to see one at the Doncaster Custom Bike Show last month ! outrageous ! stunning ! makes the rocket 3 look unfinished ! not in the same street ! although I wish the Rune had its back tyre !
As I understand it Honda UK put the Rune and another custom bike on show there,proberbly to gauge the response.
15k thats what we budgeted for ! although I am given to understand that if they are registered in your name for more than 6 months then Vat is not payable ? we are going to reg in the US as part of the fun is riding them back to the East Coast.
Thanks for your advise on the wheels,I will have them done in the UK ! finding bikes in the US with Chrome Wheels is hard work anyway.
Any advise on which type of Handlbars ? we are favouring the pulled back ones ?
Many thanks
PS. Thanks for the link to vrccuk.
Importing to the UK !

Thanks for the tip ! I heard in the press that George Cloony had a little incident on his Harley while touring in Tuscany ! if you look closely at the photo in OK magazine, its a Rune ! those press boys got it wrong.
Must be something else riding a Rune around the Dolomites !

Importing to the UK !


Thanks, will drop you a e-mail.
2 Runes in California

My dealer Milpitas Honda has two Rune, one blue chrome wheels and one red spec 47 on the floor. They are making deals. Call Ron Camp at (408) 263-6060. He sold me mine, does good follow up and let him know I sent you.
2 Runes in California


Thanks for that,I have come across Milpitas on my searches,is it right that the Californian ones have more Emission Controls which restrict the power ?
Can't Answer that

I know California has strict emission controls but I'm not sure, never seen California model vs 49 state model, Dyno results. But if there is any difference ,like the VTX, its only a couple of HP. Sorry I can't answer more authoritatively.

If you do come to California let me know, I love beating up the sales guys at Milpitas. Its one of those small pleasures in life.
Hi again bluerune.
I think the general consensus is that the rearset bars suit more folks. I’m 5’7” and find them fine.
With regard to the Cali model if it’s anything like the Valk the all the extra emmissions stuff doesn’t effect performance but just adds some extra unnessessary gubbings to the engine. Giving you a tiny bit more weight and a tiny bit more to potentially need fixing or replacing/removing one day.
As to the VAT, unfortunatly you’ll still have to pay it on a second-hand vehicle. I know this because I checked it, several times to be sure, with the DVLA. The only difference is the price of the bike will be lower. Now if you were importing from Europe then there would be no second-hand VAT to pay.

On another note, I can’t say how delighted I am with the Rune. I’m happy to say, it’s as much of a pleasure to ride as it is to look at.
It’s the center of attention wherever it goes. For instance, I stopped off at Hein Gericke yesterday and the bike caused chaos. The shop emptied as staff and shoppers alike came out to mob the Rune. Most were sportsbike riders but everyone agreed it was the most awesome bike they’d seen ( 'awesome' and 'stunning' are words I've been hearing a lot lately).
Kinda gives you a warm glow to be the center of so much possitive attention. This could get addictive...

BTW why not say hello on the VRCCUK board, we could do with some more Rune owners represented.
I’m heading off on a tour of Europe tomorrow on the Rune with the VRCC. We’ll be taking in the Austrian Valkyrie and Rune meet. I plan on meeting up with Hannibal and friends in Italy. So chiao for now.
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Got one at last !

Could not wait any longer ! now the proud owner of -

2004 Rune Vin No 1HFSC53J44A000879 Black with Chrome Wheels and pull back bars.

Purchased new from Performance Honda,Winter Garden,Florida.

Bike will remain in Florida until spring,then shipped to the UK.Hopefully I will get back to Florida for a bit of riding in the sunshine,only had time for a short ride prior to returning to UK.

Need to change my name! now I have bought a black one !
Nice one Bluerune. We're also joined by Minimarvel from the UK on this board. Did your friend also get one?
I had my bike in a local show yesterday and got a big reaction from the crowd. Quite a few people came up a said they wanted to import one and asked me for details on how to do it.
BTW there's a big European Valkyrie meet going on in Wales next September. They'll be a few European Runes there, including our friend from this board Hannibal. The last European (UK) Valkyrie meet I went to was a real blast. WELL worth attending. Take a look at the link. It'd be good to see as many UK Runes there as poss, if you and Minimarvel are interested I can give some more details.





seeing you in wales september 2005.

from Italy we are planning trips for riding in Usa spring 2005. j will post.

hannibal .
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I would love more details

And thanks for thinking of me.

Bluerune, I bought my bike from Outdoor Motorsports in Spearfish South Dakota. Bill is the owner and is on 605-642-7731.

He was very helpful at selling me the bike for cost, and crating it. I am on UK 07836 626133 if you want to discuss.

Regards Dave
Hannibal, you probably know this but we've been taking in the UK (VRCC) about organising a European Valkyrie trip to the US for a years. Trouble is, nobody has stepped up to the plate to actually get things rolling. We were all supposed to talk about it at the last Austrian meet but again it just didn't happen (too busy having a good time). We were hoping to organize taking the Euro-circus to the next Inzane meet.
If you're actually getting something started then the Brits will be well up for it. Hell, I know a lot of the other countries are really interested, we have all been waiting for someone, anyone, to do something.
Is this a VRCC trip you're talking about, if so can you give me some details that I can pass on the others. Hopefully we can disscuss it further when you come over at Xmas.
Bluerune, Minimarvel, are you guys interested???
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