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Calling all Electical Engineers

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Say am I the only one who looks at our WAY COOL LCD speedometer and thinks "wow wouldn't it be cool to be able to display a GPS system, and other things, there? Laptop interface?

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I agree it seems like some smart Electrical/Computer person could figure out how to add stuf to our little screen.

I would like to see an added interface with:
Tire Pressure

and if you could please - mpg.

oh and please put the toggle switch where my thumb can reach it without wandering far from my grip...

Thank you.... I'll be waiting
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Between RefValk and myself we could come up with something. But, it would not be cheap. The original LCD display appears to be special and not a computer screen. The easiest way to add integrated electronics would be to scrap the original LCD display and replace it with a palm pilot type screen. Then, run software to coordinate what is being shown, doing the calculations for fuel economy etc.

You are looking at $2,000+ to design and build a low rate production.

I think that for now I will continue investigating eloptic energy sensors rather than 'strument up my Rune. :shock:


You spent almost half that on your matching spots. While expensive I still think it would be cool to be able to view and use other functions through our onboard screen. Eloptic? Ah joke LOL.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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