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Cap on axle head

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On the right side of my axle is just the Hex head and has no cover. I called the dealer and he said no problem. I gat a call back and was told that was a discontinued item. I had a slight fit so the dealer called and said he was sorry and would get me one soon.
What goes there? The other 5 are covered with a neat chrome cap or something. I plan on getting the covers that is sold here but will wait till get back from my 5000 mile trip to Colorado.

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The large axle bolt on the right side doesn't come with any cover. There are also another 20 plus bolt heads or nuts that don't have covers.

Solution..... purchase the set of caps made by Ultimate Machining. I put my set on yesterday and it makes a huge difference in the apperance of the front end. They include caps for the left side that you refered to as looking good...... check these out and you'll see as good as you thought the left side looked, it REALLY looks properly finished now.

First rate quality, and first rate service. Give Tom Jr a call. He has several postings on this board with his phone number as well as photos of his products.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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