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Cargo trailer for the RUNE

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Does anyone know of a cargo trailer for the RUNE? I contacted UNI-GO in Lost Wages but have not heard back from them. Thanks :?:
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IMHO the best looking trailer can be found at :

I have talked to Jay at Dauntless and he is very interested in making a hitch for a Rune. The only problem -- he needs a bike in his shop for about a week to design / fit a hitch and plug-in wiring harness.

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Cargo trailer

Thanks for the info. Looks like a heck of place. Someone who actually wants to do something? I will keep watching to see if he comes up with something.
hitch and trailer

Denray makes a consealed hitch for the Rune. Installed and towed a n-line single wheel trailer to Blue Ridge Parkway, Myrtle Beach and DaytonaBeach and home to K. C. Pleased with both products. 819-225-4240
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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