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Changing out the Stock Foot Peg for ISO Boards

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You will need the service manual for instructions for removing the side panels that cover the brake and clutch assembly linkage, plan on 2 to 2.5 hours to get this done. Once you have the stock pegs off you'll need:
One pair of Kury's P/N 7939 $19.95 Foot peg Adapter for Front Applications (pr)

The adapter should come with the spring wafer, if not the fit should be tight enough to keep the peg steady in the mount. I didn't use the spring wafers because I want them to be able to move upward in a tight lean. The stock spring (OEM) is used to push the peg down if you scrape them in a turn. They will not fit with the Kury foot peg adapter.

One pair of Kury ISO Boards (or boards/pegs) of your choice.

Once you have everything in place use Red Loctite to secure the bolts that pass through the floorboard into the adapter.
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i found it to be a pain the rear when i did mine....had to call Steve once for moral support :oops: Took me about 2.5-3 hours................not like changing on a 'normal' bike. A bunch of crap to take off...just to get to the pin holding the pegs!

i was sort of glad when my wife decided she didn't want hers changed :twisted:
Good post Steven! I just ordered my pegs and adapters from Hal.
Those stock pegs are way to narrow, I consider them to be unsafe.
Someone with big feet could slip off them easily. Thanks for the tip on the red loctite!
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