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I am looking to find out the best communication system that allows helmet installation, connectivity to cellular as well as other gadgets such as CB and stereo through the system.

I believe someone said Daves???? But I do not recall.

Please advise as well as contact info and approx pricing.

Why is it the best?

What about ChatterBox?


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The chatterbox is ok as a VOX controlled radio. I have 2. And the radio is compatible with my Yaesu VX5-R Ham Radio walkie talkies too.
What sucks is the microphone and headsets.

I think the best thing will be to get custom silicon-injected mold earpieces and one with a microphone embedded in it too. It isnt cheap. So, I was getting ready to buy the silicone goop and do it myself.. then I got distracted with guns and women, and determined the women are best when they are not talking while riding. And hand signals tell the rest of the pack that you gotta get gas or take a leaque or something.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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