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Check this out...

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Is this guy for real. It appears to be the same bike over and over only listed as a diff city in Utah. ... 26764&rd=1
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What an idiot. It sounds like the guy who was bitching on the old MSN board about the value of his bike. I remember he also mentioned the raw deal he got on his GW due to the recalls and how he was somehow involved in the lawsuit. I guess the guy just can't win. :twisted:
Yeah he or she is a real prize. I guess its the same person who had it listed for sale stating how they hated the bike. What ever he/she sure creates their own misery.
Chance of a lifetime, get’em while they last!

I have two thoughts in this matter:

(1) Only the diehard Harley guys who have a bucket of money invested in a cookie cutter Hog will take solace in this emotional outburst.

When this Poor Sole bought his Rune at least he knew what the price was. All of us who bought the first ones had deposits with dealers and no one, at the time, had a clue as to what the final sticker was going to read, and we didn’t care. I think the overwhelming number one reason Rune owners own a Rune is so they can secretly say LOOK AT ME; I’ve got something better than you!

All of us know every time we take the beast out for a sortie the Rune, and vicariously we, attract gratifying attention. (A reward need probably deep routed in some malignant childhood character flaw.) So..............“diehard Harley guys” take pleasure in the frustration of an unhappy Rune owner because you can’t say LOOK AT ME; we just saw you or something like you with a six-pack of Old Milwaukee bungee corded to sissy bar of your old cookie cutter.

(2) I take offence to and disagree with the sentiments of the Poor Sole.

However, I can sympathize with frustrations one feels when they believe they have been wronged. When one is reduced to that of an impendent helpless victim by insensitive corporate conglomerates, represented by incompetent lackeys; what recourse has one? To me it doesn’t matter whether I agree or disagree, I admire the guys’ spunk. He took a course of action; he let it be known of his irritation, he didn’t just sit and whimper, he took the bull by the eBay and proclaimed “I’m mad as hell and I won’t take it any more.”

A personal note to the Poor Sole:
My friend should it ever cross your mine to make a career change and cross the threshold into advertising or public relations as a vocation...........Don’t!
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It crossed my mind to offer the poor guy $15K for his bike, but I can only imagine the treatment it has had. I rather pay the $17 to $20K for a new one when the time comes (when we know about '05 news).
This bum is just a sissy bedwetting crybaby!!!
I sent this bum a e-mail but he address is bogus :oops: :oops:
Honda & Dealerships

I tried to tell you folks ..... Honda does not stand behind it's dealerships to do "THE RIGHT THING". Dealerships have FINAL SAY. But not if I can help it.

I'd be pissed too if only given 14,000 towards trade in.
Blew rune... A person in that case Should only be pissed if your dumb enough to take it. Any dealer on any product can offer a dollar for a trade if he or she so chooses. If your willing to accept it why would yo be upset with anyone other than the person in the mirror. Second if you bought any bike and thought for a second you could sell it or trade it in 8 months and make a profit your foolish. I dont expect that in the stock market, I damn sure dont expect it in my cars or motorcycles.
Math Lesson

MSRP 25,000 - 50% (that's half for others) = 12,500. Now if it "is true" that the person was offered 14,000 from the dealership, then his purchase decreased in value a hell of alot in 10 months.

Investment, enjoyment, I got one & you don't, or even the bike rides/handles good ..... dollar for dollar, that kind of diminished value is a disgrace for any product, with the exception of toliet paper & bath soap.

The marketplace has proved it, the Rune has problems. Here's your post. BTW, have you bought one yet?

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Vince, no question they are pretty bikes. No matter how great they are its still a damn shame to see the prices drop so hard. Look at Ebay today, the one located in Shelton Washington just closed at 14,500. This is a shame, plain and simple. I just dont understand why. It doesnt change my intentions on buying one, it just puzzles me as to why its happening.
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Once all the of the new Runes are sold, the prices should stablilize. Once they are all gone and a couple of years pass, a dealer would love to have one of these on his showroom floor. They make a powerful statement on the showroom floor.

I'm not worried about it. I really don't care how much it's worth right now. I plan on owning it until the last payment and beyond.
That bike in Shelton Washington was a wrong 'un. The exact same bike is still being avertised on by a Florida dealer. I still don't think any legitimate Runes will be in that price range but there are some real bargins around the $19000 range. I believe the dealers pay $19,999 for them thru Honda.
Yup agreed its a shame and I still say that. But I do not believe a person should not expect to make money on a car or bike. Damn straights its a shame but stupid if he thought a dealer was going to give him a premium on a bike that isnt selling. Whos fault is it he impulse bought or had to be the new kid on the block or what ever made him have to have it now.

Nope havent bought one yet. I wanted to wait and see where prices went. I didnt need to be the new kid on the block with one. lastly I travel roughly 250,000 air miles a year and not home all that much and still have a gl1800 and trailer so were certainly not without something to ride. I dont tend to impulse buy all that much. Sometimes I lose out because of it too. Im presently dealing on a CBC with 7,000 miles on the clock. No idea what the orig owner got on trade for it.
Even though I bought a Rune, I've still kept my old Valkyrie ( can't see me selling anything as unique as the Rune either ). Anyway, Honda deleted the Valk in the UK about a year before the States and when the all the new Valks dissappeared off the showroom floors second hand prices began steadily rising. I was pleased to see in the bike papers yesterday that my '97 Valk is worth a couple of thousand more than it was 2 years ago.
Quality shows out in the end guys. When you can't get'um any more just sit back and watch the prices rise.
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