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Christmas gift and custom paint update *** attn: Tom

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Good Morning:

We put the knock off on my husbands bike last night (couldn't wait till Christmas). It looks great and he loves it. I am gonna keep the other 2 times till Christmas though. It's gonna be really hard though, because they look great. Thanks Tom for the items. I seem to have misplaced the receipt though, can you please send me a break down of the cost of the 3 items ??????

I have an update for you on the custom paint job that I'm designing with So far I have a side profile of a skull on the tank, with barb wire wrapped thoughout it. The skull is also going to be wearing a do rag, as my husband never rides without one. I think I am going to have the do rag in a blue color with hot peppers on it. His basic bike color is black, so the skull and barb wire is going to be in grays, whites, and silver colors. The rear fender is going to me a pile of skull heads with barb wire again running though it. I'm not sure for the fron fender yet. What do you think ?

I would appreciate anyones comments and/or suggestions for the paint. My husband has put this all in my hands and said "design it", and I know I will love it. I designed my paint job for my VTX. My bikes paint can be seen at:

So let me know. Thanks and Happy Halloween !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :beer3:
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sure thing

I will get you that receipt as soon as possible. Thank you
There are lots of skull paint jobs around, make sure the skulls are unique.
Like your bikes paint is unique, you can look at my paint by looking at my gallery, it's unique.
I like the personalized touch of the do-rag, my friend has a skull wearing a stars and stripes rag, like my friend wears all the time.
When people ask me about getting their bikes custom painted I tell them to take their time and be very creative and create something that is uniquely theirs. That's the whole idea behind custom painting.
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