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Hi Tom,
My wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas, so I gave her this list.
She has just sold her Bridgeport and Lathe so I guess I’ll be getting boxers again. Maybe you could help me out.
Here are some locations I found, during my winter cleaning, that I’d like to put your great chrome pointy bolts.

1- Injector cover bolts - 4 pointed for front, 2 rounded for rear
2- Radiator Cover - 2 pointed
3- Valve Covers – (8 each side) 16 pointed
4- Shock absorber upper mounting bolts (above light) - 2 pointed
5- Shock absorber lower mounting bolts (below light) - 2 pointed
6- Fork top bridge pinch bolts – (2 each side) 4 pointed
7- Fork bottom bridge pinch bolts - (2 each side) 4 pointed
8- Handlebar holder cover bolts – 4 pointed
9- Bolts for Clutch and Brake reservoirs – 4 pointed
10- Turn Signal clamps – 2 pointed
11- Shock absorber upper bracket cover bolts – (just below the one we received with the Tank Cover bolts) 2 pointed
12- Front Fender connector bracket – (3 each side) 6-pointed
13- Top of stabilizer bar (other end from “B” cover) – (1 each side) 2 pointed

Total of 56 bolts

May we should do a poll on which people want first.
I want them all, so………. can you ship tomorrow?
P.S. Did you get to ship my “C”,”E” and Grip caps? (The Tank and Banjo bolts took 4 days to get here in the mail, they look great!)

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Man you are NUTS! I bet Tom will just say something that will come out to $10 or $11 per... so you are looking at something shy of $600. Hmm, If there is a poll, I will say yes too.
Ken (23,350 miles)
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