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chrome wheels

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ok guys how many of you want chrome wheels if i buy a set and have them chromed and charge $2200 exchange who would buy them?
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just saw a set of chrome wheels on ebay starting at 750.00 :eek: . Here's the link good luck. ... gory=35601

easy i
Not me! I've already checked with some custom wheel builders here in the midwest and I can have one of a kind chromed wheels made for that kinda cash, I wouldn't pay that for wheels like everyone else has.
Chrome wheels

Platecorp in Orange County Ca. You send the wheels, $700 plus shipping and they send them back.
I sent my wheels to platecorp the end of May got them back the first of August.
My suggestion send them somewhere else :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
Chrome Wheels

I ordered a set of chrome from Honda after I purchased the bike. At that time I was thinking, If something happened to the wheels, lost, bent etc., what would I do until I found replacements that no other wheel maker was making ?
The chrome rims came a month later with damaged hubs from shipping. from Honda.
Another two weeks, I got a good set. from Honda.
It is easy to sell a unchromed set of rims when the bike is rideable.
Be careful on letting loose your only set of rims!!!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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