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Today, much to my surprise and delight, I received my “wonderful gift”.

As much as I would enjoy one of my sharp tongued retorts, I can’t because my gift is quite frankly wonderful and I want to thank Runski, gene and Douyon, New Jersey’s “Monmouth County Rune Riders”.

What I received is a round 101/2 inch wide patch proclaiming the wearer is a Monmouth County Rune Rider, and as of today I is one. The patch is a gray textured, almost carpet quality, circular material with bold black lettering, except for the authentic Rune logo which is the Rune Black Cherry color. The Maroon and Black lettering on the light gray background is striking.

I have a black leather vest on which I will have the patch surgically implanted.

In appreciation I will reframe, for a complete 24 hours, from making any demeaning remarks about the Garden State and will I not publicly question the masculinity of Blue and Black Cherry Rune owners; [Excluding Sherry’s Cherry Rune and Barbara Illusion Blue Rune.]

Again thank you, and I’m proud to be a member.

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Hi all , back from Americade. Chuck glad you like your WONDERFUL gift. Gene was glad to hear how much you enjoyed it!! Well guess what, I PICKED UP SOMETHING FOR YOU at Lake George. A WONDERFUL GIFT PART II :roll: I may get it out to you one day this week if I can get it and the bubble gum unstuck from my boot :wink: :)
I briefly met two very nice board members Ernie ( Runehead ) and his lovely wife Lin. I was picked out of a crowd by RuneMan when he spotted my vest with my Rune patch affixed to the back, too bad we could not spend more time together. Maybe at upcoming events.
My Valk came in 2nd place in the judging. I was beat out by 4 points by a nice fellow named Norman from Canada with a killer lookin' Valk ( his Valk also came in 2nd best in show ). Last year he came in 3rd when I scored the first place spot.
Take Care All,
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
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