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I heard your going in to see the pretty nurses again. I'll be thinking 'bout you :wink: .
Sorry your not fellin' well. :(
Now, to get BETTER go out and buy Jorge some black cherry red paint while he has your Rune :)
GET WELL SOON, :!: :!: :!:
Rich K. ( Rune Ski ) and all your Rune Brothers
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I second that


My thoughts are with you too my friend. I will miss your humor. Get well soon.

Hi Chuck
do you want me to get in touch with jorge to install the pointed banjos we will do the install at no charge to you just let me know.

Sorry to hear your having more problems .... best wishes for a good outcome and a speedy recovery....
Hurry Back

Chuck, I've had two back surgeries, shoulder and wrist surgery. It takes a little while to heal but I'm much better then before. Hell, I just finished an 8500+ trip. If this old man (53) can do it so can you.

Take care.
Get Well...It's our Anniversary!!

Hey Chuck....Hope you're feeling better. You have to get in shape to celebrate our Anniversary. I think we both picked up our Bikes on the 29th of July, 2003. If you can't ride least have a beer.
I'm Back!

Rich……It was wonderful. Lots of pretty nurses and I had my pants off the whole time.

Dickson…….Since we last spoke I’ve spent another $1,330.00 on the Rune. It is my life’s goal to out spend you and beat you to the poor house.

Tom……As you know I was unable to get the Rune to Jorge, but I intend to do so soon and I do want the “Pointed Banjo Bolts”; they are a nice piece of work. Too, I received the knockoff spinner and I even put them on yesterday. They look great and thank you.

Dave……..I was kind of hoping you would have offered one of your out buildings, for me to use as a convalescent facility, but alas gene from New Jersey came through and let me use his leaky trailer.

Steven……..I’m pleased to report my recovery will be equal to yours. I’ll be back in the Corbin in no time.

Cliff……..I’m back for our mutual celebration but I’ve got so much junk on my Rune you wouldn’t want to be seen with me. I will however buy you a cold one!

Thank each of you who called me and those above who sent a post.

My experience has mellowed me. I’ll never again make sport of those who ride those awful Red & Blue Runes. I’m looking on the bright side; they are slower than the Black ones and therefore serve as a public service.
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Glad you made it back ..... we have plenty of room any tiime, although I may have house the BKCC in a special building .... would not want any of my other bikes to know such a beast exists ..... LUV2KRU stopped by but his bike fit right in with the fleet colors.

You would not have wanted to be here in July ... more rain / least sun in 114 years ... some of the reverse snowbirds went home early. Sure will miss them on the roads around here.
You Win


My friend I'm glad to see you're feeling better. You win the spending contest on you're Rune. On the brightside at least I can still afford the poor house. Keep healing my friend.

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