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Chuck's wonderful gift, part II

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Silly me, sorry I mis-directed this post in the wrong section the first time.
Something wonderful your way is coming. You will have to hold your breath and not be able to sleep till it gets to your door.
You are one of the chosen few to receive one of these, and with that I can say no more. :twisted: :lol:
Only the messenger, don't shoot me!
Good Luck, and take care,
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
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Let me guess,'re sending him some candy black cherry paint?

“Tain’t funny McGee.”

Does anyone know where that quote came from?


I’m concerned with what you are sending. I just hope you didn’t give same suprise to gene; no one knows what happened to him. You’re the last one to see him alive!
Clue # 2. The GIFT is not from me, although you were led to believe this. Read the gift post closely!! You will cherish this gift and, wish you were here. Clue # 3. Nah, I'll just let you hang by your finger tips for a while. :)
Talk soon, take care all.
Rich K Rune Ski )
I'm not sure if this is the right show. Was it Fibber McGee and Molly ???
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
RunSki you must be old as dirt!

Rich, you’re right on target, Fibber McGee and Molly.

I can barely remember, as a youngster, my Mom and Dad listening to the radio and eagerly awaiting McGee opening the closet at the end of the program. Then my folks bought the DuMont and it was Kate Smith and the “Moon over the Mountain” from then on.
We are showing our age, like vintage winers :lol:
Take very good care,
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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