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Clutch/Transmission seal failure

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Hey Guys! Just a quick update on a problem that I experienced with my Rune. I was at Bike Week, in Myrtle Beach, when my Rune started slipping. After bringing it back to Florida, the guys at Barney's in StPete were there waiting for me. They wasted no time in working with Honda to get the problem solved and new transmission installed(I'm picking it up tomorrow). Over 8,600 miles on the Rune with no problem until now. From what my mechanic has told me I'm the first to experience this problem. A seal failed in the clutch system allowing the plates to fail. It's nice to know that both my local dealer ( I didn't even buy my Rune at his place) and Honda really stand together to make the Rune experience worth it. I knew I bought the right bike!
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My GL1800 had the circlip pop off, thus releasing the oil seal dumping all my engine oil into the clutch assy last summer. The bike had 17k miles on it. Several GL1800 owners have experianced the same thing. One of my riding buddies on the trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway diagonsed the problem right down to the exact part.

It started smoking very white smoke, and as I went to exit the parkway and go though the gears, the clutch then slipped terribly. Within a 100 yards I had no forward movement.

After having the bike towed to a nearby ( 35 miles away ) useless dealer in Wytheville, VA I ended up picking up the bike myself on a trailer and taking it to my dealer who took immediate care of it. It didn't require replacing the clutch or transmission, as I was able to shut it down very quickly. Nor did it even require new O2 sensors. Just new spark plugs, and the replacement of the oil seal and circlip among another dozen other parts.
Quick Update!

Just got my bike back ( a few days later than expected ) and everything works fine! Actually it is shifting better than when I first bought it. I had a chance to see the clutch rings, which were burnt up, and some of the other parts. What a mess! Honda, and my dealer, seem to think that the problem may have been with the bike when I bought it and it progressed over time. Even with the problem....I love my Rune!
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