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copied and reposted from another board...about Valk and Rune

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This came from Motorcycle Cruiser. But let me make my usual caveat, even though this article is along the lines i agree with and have heard before, it still don't mean squat. Who knows if any truth to it. But i just post it here for 'entertainment'. But notice it states that SUPPOSEDLY Honda says all Runes have been made and delivered to dealers...and it WAS a limited production MORE. But still, since we're not hearing it straight from Honda's still can not be considered 100% for sure accurate. But still you go....for your reading pleasure! Especially note the second paragraph...which clearly indicates NO MORE RUNES......


Honda Discontinues Valkyrie, Magna, and 750 Chain-Drive Twin Motorcycles

Two of our favorite cruisers and some of Honda's best-sellers are no more.

By Art Friedman.

We recently sat down with a Honda rep for a brief on the new Shadow Aero 750 (watch for a first-ride report), and we were surprised to learn that Honda has discontinued all its multi-cylinder cruisers.

Though Motorcycle Cruiser's 2003 Cruiser of the Year, the Valkyrie Rune, is officially a 2004 model, it is a limited-production machine, and Honda has already built all that it is going to and shipped them to dealers.

The original Valkyrie 1500 flat-six and 750 Magna V-4, though still shown on the American Honda website, have also ceased production. If you want one don't wait too long or there won't be any left. The Magna, which was introduced in its current form in 1993, has consistently scored highly in comparisons (like our Sport-Cruiser Comparison and Muscle bike Shootout) for its all-around performance, and the Valkyrie 1500 is still among our favorite cruisers of all time. We would be disappointed to lose either one, but the departure of both in one stroke is a bit much to swallow, especially with no replacements in sight.

The introduction of the new Shadow 750 Aero, which brings shaft drive, a lower saddle height and freshened styling, also spells the end of the road for other 750 Shadow V-twins, the A.C.E. and the Spirit. Those bikes have sold in very large numbers in recent years, though Honda obviously expects the Aero to fill in ably.

The Nighthawk 750, which we don't regard as a cruiser, has also been discontinued.

Although we have no official or unofficial Honda comment on the subject, we think the departures of the Magna and Valkyrie leave fairly conspicuous vacuums in Honda's line (though perhaps not in its sales figures), and we think (perhaps wistfully) that they will be filled in 2005.

For more breaking motorcycle news, visit the home page of


end of copied article. So ....there you have it. Is this true? No more Valks AND NO MORE RUNES? Only time will tell. I mainly posted this for all those guys that say "my dealer says there will be an 05" or " my brother in law is a fortune teller and he said there will be an 05" or "rumor has it the 05s will be different colors, cost more, and blah, blah, blah". This is your rebuttal to all that 'spooge' :twisted:
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I think you were right all along!
And in September we'll all know for shure, maybe!!!
Jack :?
Rune Values going through the roof!

Low and behold Tim yea be of little faith; this guy actually talked to a “Honda Rep.”

The Rep’s name is Skarky and he’s been the point man for the West Virginia market going on six months now. What more do you need?
no offense meant to anyone. But in 2002 and 2003 when we were waiting for the Rune...we were all duped by these dang Honda Reps. I mean, i can personally tell of several major shows that i went to....talked to THE Honda Rep at the show....and they would give me the 'official' scoop. then another guy would go to another show...and the official Honda Rep would tell him something 180 out. and so on...and so forth. It went on for a year. I had several different Honda Reps over the year tell me several different conflicting stories.

Sorry, but unless Mr Honda himself comes down from the mountain top and tells us something....all this is just Hondas way of being elusive and keeping us guessing. They are masters at it. Notice in the article IS THE HONDA REP that tells A MAJOR motorcycle magazine and a major motorycle journalist (Art Fieldman is well known and respected in the motorcycle community) that all the Runes have been made and no more.

That's why i pointed out....who ya' gonna' believe? THe Honda Rep for West Virgnia area? The Honda Rep for Alabama (who is telling yet a different story)....the Honda Rep who talked to this motorcycle mag....the Honda Rep who talked to Two Wheel Tuesday TV show....etc.? Who's telling the truth? Who really knows the truth?

That's my point. None of us know. We'll know in mid September, when Honda quits playing with us and lets us finally know. Just like last year when all this same speculation was going on.

This reminds me of the Y2K stuff. I work in the networking field. And no matter how much i kept telling people they were worrying for no good reason, people just kept believing all the rumors and reacting to them...going out and buying supplies, pulling their money out of banks....ridiculous stuff like that. Those of us in the business that new better kept telling them they were over reacting...but many wouldn't listen.

Like the Y2K thing....when the clock strikes midnight in September the night of the big Honda dealer show....only then will we get to see how many of these rumors were unfounded...and if ANY actually were truthful.

that's all i'm a sayin' :roll:
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The rep in Laughling told me they were going to keep making the Rune for another 2 years in very limited production. These guys either know absolutely nothing, or are just pulling everyone's legs.

Who would ever believe what a SALES REP would say anyways? I don't know if I have ever received a 100% straight story from ANY sales rep in ANY kind of business.
Hello Shawn & RedValk, Having been in the Auto Business for over 30 years, of which 10 of them was with Honda, I will tell you that not even the Factory Reps. know what, when, how many or anything else, until just before introduction date, via, the new model show. The factories have many reasons for the secrecy. The biggest one is that they do not want the buying public to be waiting for the next generation bike or car or what ever. All manufacturers work it the same way. If a Rep is telling you any different he is full of it. All the Factory Reps. I have ever been involved with, would never admit it and it would kill them to confess that they don't know any more than you do. It is very common for the media to find out about new introductions or extended productions long before the Dealers or their Regional Reps. Whether you are inclined to believe it or not, it is fact. And Shawn, that is coming from a salesman that doesn't lie. LOL. Ed
PS. If you guys are ever in St. George, Utah, look me up. I'm 110 miles north of Vegas at Stanger Toyota. I really enjoy this board and all the info. Thanks to you all.
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When I decided to order a Rune from my dealer, they initially started looking for one that was already on another dealer's showroom floor. About a week later, my sales rep called with news that Honda was "reallocating" Runes to dealers and I could order a new Rune exactly the way I wanted it, instead of searching other dealers inventory for what was available. The bike showed up about a month later, just as I ordered it (black with chrome and rear set bars). After reading this board and looking at the VIN list, etc.. I fully expected a high serial number. I was very suprised to see that the VIN on my Rune was 0057 and has a build date of 9-03. My dealer told me that Honda somtimes holds back units in their wherehouse and releases them when more units are requested from their dealer network. Don't know what it all means...Not sure it matters. All I know is that I am very pleased with my Rune!

Thanks to all that have put in the time and energy to create and maintain this board. I found the old board just before it was shut down and have been checking in on the new board regularly. Your comments and discussions have been helpful.
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Ride on Diehardeddie.....well said. I keep trying to tell these guys ....don't believe all those rumors....and do NOT believe any Honda Rep. Read what Eddie said above. Charlie Keller ....the lead guy for the Honda Riders Club...once told me the same thing. The Honda Reps also don't know squat. But like Eddie said, they aren't going to tell you that. It puts egg on their face. So all they are telling their educated guess or opinion.

From my old military days, the question you must ask yourself this guess a WAG or a SWAG. I'm sure many of you know what those acronyms stand for :wink:
For what it`s worth my dealer here in K.C. claims Honda has put no limit on the Runes. He can order as many as he would like. He has been reliable in the past--no BS.
oh i'm sure there are plenty of 04s left at the factory...already built ....just sitting there desperately waiting for a dealer to order it. Yes, my dealer was also told he could have more.

But since there are lots of dealers sitting on one or two....and have been sitting on them for months with little or no interest from anyone to buy them...most dealers no doubt are thinking twice about ordering any more. Now i'm sure if someone walks into a dealer and says "i want one"...they no doubt will order one...and no doubt will get one of the 04s sitting in the warehouse with an 03 build date. See earlier posts on that subject :wink:

in fact, that's how i got my second Rune for my wife. I went in to my local Montgomery dealer....and said i want another Rune. Rather than order one from the factory in this case, he just went to one of the nearby dealers (in this case, the Troy, AL one) and said "want to get rid of one of those Runes?". They JUMPED at the chance. So i got my Rune from the local dealer via the Troy dealer...and paid 2,250 LESS than my original Rune. Go figure.

Meanwhile, the Dothan dealer 100 miles south of here are desperate to get rid of either of the two they have been sitting on since December. And Troy still has one they have sitting on since December. So there are plenty of 04s out there to be had with good deals.

Go get em' :roll:
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