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Corbin Seat or ?

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Hi All, I would like some help before ordering a new seat. Can anyone tell me if the Corbin single seat sets you any lower or further back than the stock one and is it any wider? Is it harder or softer than the factory seat? What other seats are out there for the Rune? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ed
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Hi Ed, I have the Corbin "rumbleseat" or Flipup as they call it. Mine sits lower than the factory seat & also has a different pitch. The rumbleseat provides plenty of back support (up or down). Very comfortable too. Corbin make 3 types of seat, check out thier website. Also I've seen the Ultimate Seat at Daytona (also on web). Danny

I have the corbin 2 person seat with backrest. I have read where it takes 1000 miles to break in a corbin seat, but it doesn't seem uncomfortable right out of the box. I couldn't stand more than 2 hours on the stock original seat. On the corbin seat, it doesn't bother me at at even after 4-5 hours of riding. Was a worthwhile investment for me.
i have the Corbin single seat, and it seats you just a little lower. but, i also asked them to move me up about an inch...which was perfect for me. you can have them customize it moving up a little..etc.

It was MUCH more comfortable than the stock seat, and of course looks much better too! It is a firmer seat than the stock seat too.

Hi Blewrune, I live in Florida and have a Blue Rune (forward set) and have the Rumble seat on order. Do you have rear bars? If so, can you sit upright without reaching for the bars to take full advantage of the backrest? How tall are you? I am only 5'9" and am wondering that even if I change to the rear set that it is not going to give me enough of an upright posture.

I have the rear set. When I sit str8 up the Rumble gives plenty of support. When in a relaxed (feet on crash bars rollin' down hwy) I slump in seat, which is also comfortable. 5' 10", but all leg.
Corbin colors and designs

Redvalk, can you tell me what color/type leather you and your wife ordered for your Corbin seats. They both look really great in your photos.
How did you get the seat designs you both have, are they standard Corbin designs or did you have to send them drawings. I cant see any layouts of possible designs choices on the Corbin website.
TIA. 'C'
the Corbin seats....

....are the 'standard' Gunfighter solo design. All we did was specify leather types and colors. the grey is a medium grey they have....and the black is their carbon fiber leather. i asked them to move my seating postion forward about 1/2 to 1 inch...and the wife asked them to move her position forward 1 1/2 to 2 inch. Hers is too far forward to me. But the seats themselves are 'stock' Corbin design for the Rune. We tried to get them to match pretty close....though the leather on hers (the gray) is slightly different...and the layout of the carbon fiber is slightly different ....but we decided to live with the slight differences. We wanted them to match identically, but they were ordered some 5 months apart....and we are talking about Corbin Customer Service sometimes, you just have to cut your losses :twisted:
Thanks Redvalk. I think both seats look real good.
Being slightly vertically challenged I think I'll ask for a the seat I'm getting to be brought forward. Any off the cuff recommendations based on your wife's and your experiences, regarding how far to bring the seating forward for someone my height.

Thanks again -C
my wife is 5'9"...and she likes her seat moved up the 1 1/2 to 2 inches they did hers. I'm just under 6 foot, and for me, the approximate inch they moved me forward was perfect to use the backrest and be comfortable. Hers is too far forward for me...and puts you right up on the tank. to ride her bike, i have to take her seat off and put mine on :roll:
Thanks Blewrune, Bigredrider & Redvalk, I have ordered a solo Gunslinger, black leather and black ostrich, with chrome covered backrest. Thank you very much for your input. Ed
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