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Cruise Control for the Rune

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Folks, I bought the brakeaway cruise control and it is awesome! I need to post a picture of it. You can disengage the control by either tapping the right brake handle, or pressing a release lever that is next to the starter button. The workmanship is excellent, fitting the class of the Rune.
This is just in time for my Charleston to Denver trip next week. See a review at: ... cle&sid=97
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yep. Lots of us have it. On the old MSN board, we had lots of posts about it. ANd i did a full blown pictorial of mounting at different angles.

Not giving you a hard time or anything. this will be one of our "growing pains" moving here to the new board. Lots of new members won't realize a topic is "old" news...since you can't see that topic posted here....and you haven't been around forever on the old MSN board like a bunch of us have.

Welcome to the Rune Riders! And the Brakeaway is an EXCELLENT product!
Brake away

your right one if not the best on the market :D I live close to there shop and when I change my brake lock over from my 1300 to my 1997 Valk I took it over to them and they installed it free Fantastic :D I have one on my black Rune and it has black part's, there not making any morewith black parts 8) . I havent check to see if they used my bike or not it was the first one thay had put on a Rune at there shop so there were a lot of pichures.
anyway I give them a 100 % :lol: 8)
Brakeaway throttle lock

Hope this helps you out Ken. I too love mine. I highly recommend it. A little spendy, but when your waving at people with BOTH hands at the car next to you AND accelerating away......the look is priceless. :lol:

Diver Dave
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Looks great. I E-mailed them about a chrome one and this is what they said:
We tried that once and sold out what we had. The process is not cost effective for us due to the inconsistency of the chrome plating. We only offer the clear anodized version at this time.
I guess I will get a anodized one :cry: :cry: :cry:

Burble Rune #12
You know the smile
I just ordered mine and they told me the same story about the chrome not being available and why. I ordered the anodized too.

By the way, I ordered from Honda Direct Line (I believe the only place that stocks the Rune specific version outside of directly from Brake-Away) and got it for $184 and free shipping due to their beating Cruiser Customizing's price of $189.95.

Just thought I'd put that out there for those that are still looking to buy!

The cruise control came in last night and I put it on this great!
Just pulled out the invoice from Direct-Line. It says it's item #BRA-5CP02R. I think the 'R' designates Rune because it's a little different than the std model.

Price I paid was $184 because I had another online price around there.

The only difference between the standard model and the rune model is that the mounting ring is slightly larger to accommodate the slightly larger size of the rune's throttle grip. The standard model is too small for our grips.
just ordered,brakeaway for the rune.......hope it helps the right hand cramps.......can't wait to install

I've had mine for over a year. I think you'll be happy with it.
asacuta said:

I've had mine for over a year. I think you'll be happy with it.
Al, where did you source yours :?:
Hey Al, did you get yours local here in Calgary or on line?
jakesboss, Len:

Although there are some local dealers, none had the right model for the Rune. I ordered mine directly from the manufacturer.
[email protected]
part # BRA-5CPOZR this is for rune only
hope this helps ya out.....

my right thumb has been broken in past,it cramps like crazy...
i hope it helps......thanks
To be blunt, HondaDirectLine doesn't have a clue how to deal with Canadian orders: they want copies of your credit-card statement (not on a bet); they want pictures of both sides of your credit card (not on a bet); they want photo ID (forget it); they won't ship USPS (guarantees you'll pay big bucks for shipping and customs clearance).

BrakeAway doesn't need any of the BS and will ship via USPS for $15.00. Customs clearance will be about $6 and you'll owe GST.
i didn't know all that crap.........if i was you i wouldn't deal with them either......thats no way to canduct good business..........just because your are accross the border.......

Well, online retailers certainly have the right to create policies for reducing fraud. On the flip side, when those policies seem over-the-top to me, I have the right to take my business elsewhere, and that's what I do.
Breakaway doesn't like us now either Al... they redirect you to Cruiser Customizing out of California for Canadian orders. :?

see the link below if you are Canadian, German, Polish or anything but American and you would like to purchase one :wink:
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