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curved lic# plate

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hey guys who makes that curved lic# plate on a rune with all the custom tropical paint job, it's mounted to the swingarm.
how much and how about contact?
thanks :lol:
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come on guys, someone has to know, it was posted with pictures?
Wild thing,
I'm looking to buy or make one myself. I asked the same question you did about the same bike and got the same response, ziltch,nada.
Danny said he was going to make one but I think he is quite busy now with other projects.
I still have 'bout 10 sets of my original side covers left though!!
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
curved plate

sorry guys - I haven't been on the forum for a while ... please forgive me

That's my bike with the paint job and curved plate. The plate is actually a combination of single swing arm lic holder from PHAT off the web and then HIGHMILER cycles in Jacksonville modified the arm of the holder with a curved piece of chromed metal to connect up onto the swing arm. I'll try to take a closer picture of it this week and post for you.

If you have direct questions, you can send to my hotmail account [email protected]

Hi Guys,
Hey Rich , you are right I'm busy as hell right now but will make those side mount very soon(a week or two)working on the skid plate right now out of Stainless Steel, should be done at the end of the week.
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