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Customer Service phone number?

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Y'all may know that my cowling cracked last January. Took it to Honda, no problem you're covered. 7 months later I've still not got the replacement. I bitched about it when I took Raven in to get the seat locking mechanism repaired. They checked and Honda has no official record of the order...grrrrrrrrrrr Any help would be appreciated with the Rune specific phone number.

DIckson :evil:
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Talk about synchronicity

I just got off the phone with my local dealer, not 5 minutes after posting this thread to check on my seat lock and lo and behold what does he tell me? You're cowling came in 45 minutes ago and we're putting it on. Should be ready in a couple of hours Yeeehhaa... Still wouldn't mind having that phone number though.

Dickson 8)
I'd be interested in buying that cowl if you can get your hands on it for a decient price! :D

Sorry bro but they kept it. It was only the left side and there was a broken piece just lying around. Probably wasn't salvagable.

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